Premier FM 92.6


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Signal and audio very good in Drogheda, so why poor in Dublin as posted below ?

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premier fm


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it is a dreadful signal for central and west Dublin and the audio is awful all over. no idea why it is strong in Drogheda. what voice tracking software are they using?

Premier FM Signal


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If Premier FM is sited in the same location as many other broadcasters, why should this be the case ?

Premier West


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On the west side of Dublin they suffer from splatter due to over-mod by WLR who is very close to them. Also they're based near three rock which favours a northward signal rather than Kiltipper which favours the west. As to the previous question of ownership, it is I believe a three way split.

Irresponsible mess on 92.4


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Who or what person/engineer is responsible for the WLR mess on 92.4 in Dublin ? Why so close to 92.6 - is the requirement not 0.3 MHz apart ? Would 92.4 not cause interference to NTL's BBC3 relay on 92.3 ?

MESS ON 92.4


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Yes it does interfere with BBC but he does not care, and Premier were on 92.6 first, good signal could do with some audio work...



Kiss on 101.2


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Heard Kiss FM very clear on 101.2 today between Drogheda and Balbriggan. Nice Audio - what type of processor are they using?

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Using an AEV unit the same as Magic 105.

Also In Swords

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When I lived in Swords I could get them (Just about) on an outdoor aerial.

Ive also picked them up on my car radio a few miles outside Mullingar

Kiss FM on 101.2 MHz

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I too can receive Kiss FM on 101.2 MHz in Oldcastle, although the signal is not great. Incidentally, I recently noted Radio Star Country (981 kHz AM) announcing that they broadcast on 101.2 MHz FM and 103.7 MHz FM. I cannot receive either transmission here, so I assume that extremely low transmitter output power is being used. As previously reported, the new radio service for Enniskillen/Omagh will use the 101.2 MHz FM frequency from the Brougher Mountain transmitter site in County Fermanagh with at least ten Kilowatts, so presumably both Radio Star Country and Kiss FM will have to change frequency?

Star Country...


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Radio star country can be got in North Monaghan and South Tyrone (at least) on 101.2 with RDS "STAR-FM-" but I traveled to Monaghan town and Aughnacloy earlier this week and I couldn't find anything on 103.7 mind...

Star 101.2

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This is coming from their AM tx site and is only about 100 watts.

Star on FM

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I suspect theyíre doing it because of Thunder's arrival on 107.7.

Between Star, Thunder, Northwest R and Northern Sound Id imagine the Country music market in Co Tyrone is fairly well saturated ?


Why was Longwave never used in America???


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Does anyone know why the LW band was never used in America, Australia etc?? When one considers the large areas of low population of these countries and also considering that the FCC (in the USA) allowed a small number of privileged stations in major cities on MW to have 50kw 'clear channels' (i.e. WLS 890 Chicago etc) to service rural areas long distance from cities - such long distance coverage would have been better served by longwave frequencies

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Good question


Message Body I suspect there were three reasons for this. 1) The limited number of channels available on LW (particularly using the US 10KHz channel spacing) made it unsuited to the American competitive/free enterprise/multi station model (In most European countries there was usually a monopoly national broadcaster which was more suited to LW) 2) The fact that in the early years of radio the advantages of the higher frequency bands for radio communications hadnít been realised. Thus Government/Military communications helped themselves to the "better" lower frequencies followed by the air/sea and commercial communications operations. As the potential for broadcasting was also not fully realised they were stuck with (what was considered to be) the inferior MW band (at one stage they were restricted to just two frequencies). having precedence only over the radio amateurs who were consigned to the very high (by the standards of the time) frequencies above 1500 KHz. 3) Subsequently with all radios on the US market only receiving MW no broadcaster would be prepared to invest in Longwave even if and when it did become available. See the links on top for some fascinating history of early US radio



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Europe/Asia only went to 9KHz in the late 70s. Long Waves do not propagate well in the US, due to lower latitude. Europe is much further north, and LW is much better. Also and mainly, the National state controlled broadcasters in Europe wanted single channels, under full state control. We only got free radio in the 1960s. Ireland only got them in the 80s. However SW was very popular from the US, and US listings were published in London papers



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Europe/Asia only went to 9KHz in the late 70s. Not exactly ! European MW channels were spaced 9KHz apart in the 70's but they were all 1KHz lower than they were today (Hence 530/539!!!/548/557/566/575 etc) until someone dreamt up the brilliant idea of putting all channels on exact multiples of the channel spacing. (The same process didnít take place on LW until the 1980's Atlantic were originally on 254 and BBC were on 200) Long Waves do not propagate well in the US, due to lower latitude. Europe is much further north, and LW is much better. LW is used quite successfully in North Africa though. Perhaps a better explanation would be the high levels of thunderstorm activity in parts of the US which affects lower frequencies more (incidentally this is one reason why in some parts of the world the lower shortwave "tropical" bands are used for domestic broadcasting) Also and mainly, the National state controlled broadcasters in Europe wanted single channels, under full state control. We only got free radio in the 1960s. Ireland only got them in the 80s. However SW was very popular from the US, and US listings were published in London papers Many early transfrontier broadcasters(Luxembourg/Hilversum/Monte Carlo etc) used Longwave initially because of its superior groundwave propagation (Luxembourgís English service only moved to MW in 1951) In France LW is still quite big (Many stations still transmit into france from outside the French borders on LW) and cheaper radio's sold there tend to be LW/FM instead of MW/FM

Long Wave In The USA


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The main reason is that Long Wave is used by the military / radar, etc and is not licensed for use as a broadcast medium.

Radar on Longwave ??????


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Youíre partially right but RADAR ON LONGWAVE ??? Radar needs to use higher frequencies in order to give decant resolution. With the exception of HF (Shortwave) over-the horizon systems ALL radar activity takes on UHF and Microwave frequencies. Besides how would you achieve a rotating beam on Longwave. Have you ever seen how big a Longwave antenna is ?

Heís probably confusing it with


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Decca, Loran C and similar terrestrial maritime navigation systems use frequencies in the LF range and also the frequencies in between LW and MW (285-525 KHZ). Incidentally what are the weird tones you hear when you stand below a High voltage power line and tune across the upper part of the LW band does anyone know ? I suspect Its some king of control or remote measurement system used by the ESB (Irish Power utility) but does anyone know any more about this



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Correct, it was aircraft navigation beacons I was thinking of. And what the hell are you doing standing below power cables with a radio??

Mind Control


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It's all mind control technology designed to sap the will to live. And as we have just read, it works. Seriously though, the ESB have a full communications network running piggy-back on the interconnects. Some company in the UK did some testing for domestic internet access using the power lines but the street lights acted as radiators for the signal and swamped LW so it was all abandoned. Silly but true.


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Was listening to this station on Sunday...what is it? where does it b/cast from and is it illegal? Just wondered....cameup on RDS as being W-A-B-C..... thanks! jeff

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W.A.B.C FM103.9+104.4fm is a pirate from Inishowen Co.Donegal


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the are a pirate based in Donegal broadcasting all over the N,W and into Coleraine. They are a damn good station we used to pick them up here in south Derry until the summer. you can phone them on 00353868972752.



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Yes, WABC Power 103 is the old Radio North which has been bought over by Paul Bentley and re-named. The only jocks seem to be Keith Marshall and Andy Craig. They were on decent power in August but had to drop it to 200 watts as a sprog from the transmitter (a Marconi 1Kw rig) on the 6th harmonic was blocking out Network 2 TV in the area!


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Wasn't it also known as FM 103 for a short time between the Radio North - WABC name change?

The recent drop in power probably explains why they can't be heard here near Omagh any more on FM - though the old 846AM outlet which now serves for Gospel 846 can still be clearly heard here (anorak wise though)



Jan 2001

Mass Broadcasts in Kilkenny city from 2 churches on 87.9 and 106.8

On a visit to Kilkenny discovered these while checking the band

(I saw a Veronica Kits 5/8 Wave antenna on one of the churches, I suppose it looks like a lightening conductor!)

otherwise no other pirate activity heard BTW





I listen to the red hot sound of Sunshine 101

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After reading the thread below on 98's cash call, I was wondering what other people thought was the best ever promotion on an Irish station? For me, as you have guessed, Sunshine's "I listen ....." promo takes some beating. They had half the city giving them amazing PR free of charge. What was the prize again? 5 grand? 10 grand? And how many winners were there? I can't remember.

A close runner up would be Nova (or was it Energy?)'s 3 Songs In A Row. Joe Jackson, Laid Back and The Art Company. I believe they almost crashed the phone grid when they did actually play them.

Aaaaaaaah ....... to have the buzz of radio like that again in Dublin.

Anorak Warning; Controversial statement imminent .........

These days FM104 are probably closest to Nova in spirit (and they were even closer in their initial Capital days) Anyone agree?

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Above - A diver from Muff,Co.Donegal, January 26 at 0:21:57



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can anybody tell me what compressor to get. i have a veronica compressor which i am using on air at the moment. it sounds really bad. what would you advise me to get? it must be cheap though. doesn't steven foley sell compressors? does anybody have his number?

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Get a Behringer Composer 2200 its around £130 - £150 and sounds great!



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Are there any examples of this piece of machinery being used on the dial at the moment? What does Phantom & Energy use? 150 quid sounds great compared to the few grand for an optimod which i couldn't possibly afford. How many bands are there in the behringer and where would I buy it? Would Maplin or any store in Dublin have them or would i better to order it from abroad?

Tahnx for your help

Composer 2200


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Not sure if any Dublin station is using it, but they are used in recording studios & TV studios and they do sound great. Behringer have a name for making very cheap high quality gear - a broadcast mixer from £320! - but are very hard to get hold of. Try shops that cater for bands / home studios or do a search on the web. You can check out the spec at :

All Broadcast Equipment at a cheaper price!!!!


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Thats a broken link...or something.

Instead try this excellent site:




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Has anyone who regularly visits this site ever been in 2FM(Radio Centre), is all the studios/record libraries underground and offices above.

What is it like inside?

Can the public get into the building??????????

Freedom of Information act 2000 etc., etc.

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RTE Radio Centre


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All the studios are underground. There are 3 studio's CC1 (Not in use), The Larry Gogan Suite and CC3. All the offices are above ground. The public are not permitted access to the inside of the building as you need a pin code to get past the security doors

I work there


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I work in RTE TV and have a cotag ID card which works for radio:

The guy got it slightly wrong,2FM have 3 STUDIOS

CC1: Used BY Dave Fanning,Damien McCaul, Larry Gogan

CC2: Used for putting music on computer system

CC3: Used by all other presenters

The 2FM office is right above the studio's upstairs and the sound library is upstairs.

leave more details if u'd like me to give you a tour, its a very cool building

New Library Rules (and a better description of...)

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When taking CD's etc from the library now, you must return them with a few weeks. Its got much more strict recently... if you don't return what you borrowed, you can't borrow anything else until they are returned. The library is pretty big, and you can go down to the basement where all the old 33's/45's/78's are dating back years. Its a pity the library isn't open all the time (closed Sunday's etc).

And in relation to the last posting... much more people then the aforementioned jocks used the Larry Gogan suite. John Power uses CC1 for editing etc (turntable in there is handy to use to put onto MD). His Abbey Disc's sleeves always seem to be in there on the weekend :)

The library is along the corridor beside the offices (pretty big) and along the same corridor as the toilets which are almost camoflaged (i know thats spelt wrong). You can get to the studios by two sets of stairs, one just as you get by the security door and the other at the far end of the offices. All the DJ's lockers are near the stairs at the far end. John Clarke's office is also beside it. Theres a canteen kinda opposite John's office.

CC3 is kinda the main studio, it has the world web radio stuff in it. There's much better equipment in there as well and theres a nice little room to the left of it for guests etc with a few couches.

Next down from the 2FM studios is the Radio One, Lyric (yes they have one too, not always used), and RNaG (same as Lyric). Around the other side of this floor is the CEL (Ads production) studio and a few other offices/toilets etc and the garden is in the middle.

By the way... theres a few compressors/optimods in CC1 in a cabinet. Theres more gear down in the basement along with all the basic supplies (mini discs, batteries, cdr's etc) in the store room.

Thatís pretty much it. Itís not a bad building. Any queries leave a message.



98FM cash call


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10 reasons why I hate the cashcall

1.Its been done to death by stations yet 98 continue to pursue in their blandness.

2.It could not be more obvious that the calls are pre-recorded,I even heard presenter today say before the phone call"You know we ring people from the north side and all everyone from every type of life blah blah blah" then a dodgey guy comes on says jesus about ten times and I think a curse was even in there but taken out.

3.nobody ever wins

4.people who do win guess,so everytime u make that cashcall your loyal listeners think, am I the only listener, as another caller gets it wrong.

5.The DJs have no enthusiasm coz they know no-one ever wins.

6."Sure we will put you in the book you never know" you never know you could get hit by a plane!!!

7.98fm's cashcall is sponsored, the bosses must be like "ye guys you sponsor are cashcall and you will never have to give away any real prizes like with other stations..

8. Scratchcards "stick them up your ass and stop ringing my phone, Iím becoming ex directory so you wont call me again"

9. I remember club used to rig competitons,Ye congrats 2 iano kilgannon in ballymun who has just one 2 tickets to d ormond and a club fm jacket,It was a piss take rigged,listeners are clueless ha ha 98 but I have figured you out. You know no-one wins thats why you run it.

10. The fact that 98 continue the cashcalls week in and week out, so repetitive, so bland, why? why? why???

Replys welcome. Im sure ive typoed here and there but you know i'll send you out some scratch cards k.........

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RLO's Cash Prizes

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If you think that 98FM's cash calls are bad you should try the cash competitions on Radio Limerick One. They make you listen for two ads each hour. The fifth caller after these ads is given a number between 1 and 42. If this number comes up after the National Lottery draw on Saturday then you win £1000. I have to admit though it is done live and people do win the money.

Good points there

Message Body

Bring back the Red Hot Sound of Sunshine 101 I say! Seriously, the cash call just adds to 98's blandness. It ties in nicely with their overall dry as shite sound. Great music, production, news etc, its the jocks who are a letdown. Liner card city.

Its done for the same reason that


Message Body

That they run those promos claiming to play "Dublinís Most music" instead of actually playing some music

well now


Message Body

One simple reason they keep the cashcall? It works....

and notice how long they keep you waiting between announcing the cash call total and making the phone call. Then when they play back the call (even I refuse to believe its live) they make you sit through two adbreaks, the news, sport and weather before reading out the next total.

Its all about the benjimans folks - and despite 98FMs reputation for blandness (which I disagree with, both Nails Mahoney and Mark Byrne are cool jocks) they are a hugely profitable and successful station.


Now a query for the first poster. Can he think of a radio contest that would have the same impact for 98FM that cashcall has had over the last 10 years? If so, please tell us all about it on the board. I'm not being a smart arse - but if some of the 'wannabes' can do a better job than the established stations then why not prove it? Share these great new ideas with us all.



It was a..


Message Body

It was a personal opinion made by myself. In my experience people that listen to 98 don't wait for the cashcall, if they here it and think of it they will take it down. I quote from listener"ow I was even listening ahw but never took it down ahh" (Inactive listeners)Blandness was not directly referring to presenters more directing at the cashcall.

Pasted from your previous post "but if some of the 'wannabes' can do a better job than the established stations then why not prove it? Share these great new ideas with us all" Who are you referring to by "wannabes" the pirates.I never clamed to hav any great ideas, I think the pirates of Dublin's resources are a tad less than 98's .Im not getting in to bitchy blah blah but 98 have been running the competition for too long, its your job to get new ideas yet you still hold on to your old ones.

Your statment reminds me of the 2fm's jingle which was posted hear previously "Today FM suck we just suck a little less" The pirates have been innovators of many new ideas which spun into the legals over the past few years and months. Just because your cashcall appears to work financially or whatever for 98fm doesn't mean its the best competition that 98fm can run.

A reply would be more than welcome...

a response


Message Body

Okay then. For starters I don't work for 98FM. My point still stands though. The cashcall is the most well known radio contest in Dublin. Even better known than the Just a Minute quiz (and thatís over 20 years old).

I never said people listen to 98FM specifically for the cashcall - however the cashcall would be a part of the overall 98FM brand and would be recognized for that.

The wannabes comment? I bear no grudge against 'wannabes'. I used to be one. And you're dead right - 98FM have far more money than the current Dublin pirates. But then again, since when did money equal good ideas?

Its 98FMs job to get new ideas? Nope - its 98FMs job to make as much money as possible. Sad but true. And they're pretty good at that. You're right though. The pirates have been innovators before - I just don't see many new ideas coming to the surface right now (not an anti-pirate sentiment btw).

You also seemed to insinuate that 98FM somehow 'fix' the cashcall. Thats a pretty serious claim, and one that you didn't back up to any real degree. I have no doubt that the cashcall is pre-recorded, but that doesn't necessarily mean thatís it fixed. I would be highly surprised if that was the case - especially since my hairdresser won a thousand pounds from them about 2 years ago!!!

The cashcall 'appears to work financially for 98FM' as you said. That alone justifies its on-air existence.

Again, I'd be genuinely curious to hear what people think 98FM should run in its place. And please, don't mention "Don't Say Hello"

For Further Reading

98fm ideas


Message Body

well 98fm seem to have got the sun fm 80s thing going with TV themes and classics on a Sunday night. it is a great show and fair play to sun fm for inspiring the idea and Barry Dunne for doing a good show. today fm should take a leaf out of that show and sun fm and do something with their dreadful 80s show on a Friday.


Message Body

With all respect to Sun FM and their 80's format - I think you'll find that 98FM for years had an oldies show on Sunday evenings. It used to be "Livin' in the 70's" with Jim O Neill. As times change (and demographics) 98 have just basically relaunched the same programme concept with a new era of music and a fresh lick of paint. They've even begun using some of the same "Livin' in the 70's" catchphrases like "songs that you never thought you'd hear on the radio again".

This is in no way belittling the show, or either station, or indeed the presenter. I've heard the show, and its great! Its just funny how so few new ideas there seem to be in radio!

Kiss 103.2 History


Message Body

You Remember when Kiss 103 Closed Down there final hour between 6 & 7pm Andy Mangan (Dave Adams) read out the full history By date.

Within the next week or so I will Upload this for download..... Watch This Space!!







Message Body

.....were the songs played a bit faster than normal i.e. - pitch control????????

any comments/answers????????

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NOVA Video - Megawatts, January 24 at 0:54:36

Hmmmmmm - Sweet Caroline, January 24 at 3:51:05

Most stations pitch up a notch ot two - Maybe, January 24 at 14:11:03

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Pitched Up Me Arse - Penny Lane, January 24 at 15:49:25

Pitched - Hewhoknow, January 24 at 22:52:16

Radio West - Mike, January 24 at 10:06:11

so does energy 94 - me ma, January 24 at 16:50:20

pitch - 80's man, January 24 at 19:38:59

NOVA Video


Message Body

there is a 60 min compilation for those who never heard or saw the station.

Send a tape, and postage, and its yours for £10.

By the way Energy 106, and Q102, are using the original NOVA transmitters... upgraded, after the abuse the liquidator did to them.



Message Body

yeah, the songs were pitched up a couple of notches. Those smaller stations that didn't have expensive record decks with pitch control used to put sellotape around the little spinny thing inside the deck to make the songs play faster. A triumph of ingenuity.

Pitched Up Me Arse


Message Body

The songs on Nova were NOT pitched up as their gear wouldn't allow it. Music was either played out from really big fuck-off EMT turntables or from Broadcast Electronics cart machines - not a pitch control in sight!



Message Body

Most,or at least a lot,of the music carted up on NOVA WAS pitched up on the 1200 turntable they were recorded off.

Radio West


Message Body

West National R 3 in Mullingar did it as well

so does energy 94


Message Body

all songs pitched up a notch or so

KIC fm Audio!!


Message Body

What's the story with KIC fm's audio setup.It's absolutely incredible. It must have the best audio for a pirate since the Nova days.

How much was invested in this station?

Will they make their money back before the get zapped by the the IRTC?

I can't stand their format but fair balls for the audio.

Incidentally ,aren't the lads on Energy getting a lot tighter with links etc.

I was one of the people who hated ESG but I must say now they have improved tenfold.Oh Before I go, I hate their format aswell!!!

For Further Reading

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Kic Audio - I Know, January 24 at 1:02:05

Kics audio is kicking!


Message Body

They are using pulse 103s optimid 8100 that was tweaked to mark mc cabes specs.

I repeat exceptionally good audio helped by the high quality link gear their using - no veronica stuff at kics!

why did they not apply for a licence??

Kic Audio


Message Body

They use pulse's old Optimod and separate XT2 Limiter

Kiss 103.2


Message Body

heard a story about them been raided and 2 off the DJs running down a mountain with the transmitter and the police an department boys running after them......

Is this true ???

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he was going to be on Brekkie if Pulse got the licence! - fmfreddie, January 24 at 16:22:17

Kiss 103 History


Message Body

If You Remember when Kiss 103 Closed Down there final hour between 6 & 7pm Andy Mangan (Dave Adams) read out the full history By date.

Within the next week or so I will Upload this for download..... Watch This Space!!



Message Body

It did infact happen from a brief recollection of the story told to me by one of the two jocks...and the 2 jocks ...Andrew Mangan and Darragh O Sullivan (aka Steve Davitt)

Re: Kiss 103.2


Message Body

What a load of rubbish. I can't even begin to imagine two lads trying to hide a transmitter from the cops, department officials and the rest of the people that were not there because this never happened ;o)

Kiss 103 stories


Message Body

Not quite true. If memory serves me correctly, Kiss 103 had a 'volunteer' at their TX site to switch things off when the Department came araidin'!


Another rumour also had a former Radio Dublin station manager who jocked briefly on Kiss 103 telling the Department where the TX was in the studio location.

Then there were all those very odd late night nuisance phone calls to high profile anoraks from other stations.


Kiss 1032.2


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The story of the hills is true, the Kiss Boys knew the raid was coming when the tracker van was spotted in the area, so they had a team on ready to hide the transmitter, they got the CTE and put it in a nearby field before the cops and DOC could get to it...


Kiss 103 stuff? Heres the beef....


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No, the original backer for Kiss was a guy called Sharkey (another Ogra Fianna Failer) who invested a shit lot of money into the station - then got panicky when he realised that Kiss would never be a financial success.

He was frozen out of the station by the other boys, so exacted his revenge by breaking in and stealing some equipment to hold to ransom - he figured that he had to get his money back somehow. The station then started running promos advertising a reward to get the stuff back!

And I worked for Kiss during the start up phases so I should know

More beef


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Sharkey was involved with a nightclub in Navan that Mike Ormond was leasing. He was drafted in when Mike ran into one of his many bouts of financial problems but eventually they gave up, stole the sound system from the club and promptly disappeared.

Foolishly, after losing quite a bit of money in the club, Sharkey decided to invest in Kiss but that didn't go too well either as pointed out in the previous posting.

Perhaps Mike & Kevin can fill us in on the rest...?

more tales from the Nightmare on Whitehall Road


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Then there was the story that the boys began ringing FM104 and Classic Hits 98FM clients offering them cheaper spots on Kiss 103 just days after the station opened. Talk about asking for trouble!

Then there was the TX site that they managed to get up near the Blue Light. Only problem was Sunset and Power FM were there already - and both stations kicked up such a fuss that Kiss 103 were evicted within 24 hours!




Cheap Ads

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The cheaper ads thing is correct, they went around the FM104 advertising clientele and offered to undercut 104 while still offering good market penetration. That is the main reason why 104 took the law into their own hands and jammed KISS with a music CD played out by Joe King from their own newsroom! Unfortunately, the newsreader was listening off air and couldn't hear his cues, so 3 minutes of dead air was broadcast across Dublin ... and across every other station that 104 was selling its news to! End of jamming at 2.04pm!

For Further Reading

kiss on their list....oh yes it happened


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yes it happened.

I remember Steve Davitt and Dave Adams running into the studio out of breath.....

I think they told the odtr (was it called that it '94??) that they were just out for a brisk walk at 8am on the morning up the hills and ...........the rest is history.

Here's the real deal.....

Message Body

I have been instructed on behalf of Mr Dave Adams to supply the full details of this case.

Mr Adams and Mr Davitt were indeed just out for a short walk at 8am that morning. As they wandered, discussing life, Mike Ormonde's car with the tacky neon underneath and Kevin Branningan's terrible haircut, they were set upon by many policemen, the ODTR, the FBI, CIA, MI6, the KGB, RTE, CIE and UCD. The two men protested their innocence and explained their breathlessness on the fact that they had seen a magic sheep and had spent 20 minutes chasing it in order to give it away for the best letter to the Kiss goes quiet. They also thought that if nobody wanted it as a prize then Steve K would certainly have been interested.

Ruthlessly interrogated by the authorities, the two DJs stuck to their story. They shone lights in their eyes, they used thumbscrews, chinese water torture and the threat of a good bumming from Gerry, but still they would not talk.

Some 3 hours later when they eventually found their way down from the mountain, they attempted to return to normal life. Steve Davitt coped quite well, but the stress and trauma affected Dave Adams quite badly. For reasons best known to himself he ended up in Tipperary playing Michael Bolton and Frances Black.

It is rumoured that Adams escaped to Spain in 1995, but to this day, nobody knows where he is, or if he's ever coming back.

And that my friends, is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but......

oh the memories and Dave Adams

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oh the memories, pity only 50% of the above posts are true but anyway......yes very good!!! Well the mountain walking thing did happen as for the rest eh.....

Dave Adams went back to radio on Pulse for about 6-12 months, I think in 1998 under his real name Andy Mangan and then vanished again. The spain thing I'm not sure about, but yes he went to Tipp fm in '95 and later East Coast after Kiss FM. I think he also worked on Shannonside before kiss 103.

I had a great time working with him. A great jock and sadly missed from the air. Maybe he may come back on air again!

Tony L & Hot FM...or was that Hot Radio???

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Okay, well Langsfords gone from Hot and the same

ads for gigs that happened weeks ago are Still

going out!!! C'mon Frank get to work!!! What


decent jocks has he got now???

Ross is good, Frank is eh...well, next comment...em....That RnB

jock isnt bad. Those 2 gimps (for want of a

better word) from Freedom Steve and Wayne are on

now....Here's an observation: Fair enough, when

Tony was there, there were some schedule gaps,

but now I see why!! He didn't want to stick any

old arsehole in....coz to start off he didn't

actually have a very good one to start off with

now did he??

Now Tony, here's some advice...If I remember

correctly, you started Hot using JOB's equipment

yeah?? Okay...I wouldnt say Jim went looking for

a jingle package now did he???

Take everything thats yours from leads to oh yeah JINGLES!!!!

For f**ks sake you built it!! Go and let Frank Fuck it up!!!!

All the best!!!

Take everything thats yours...oh and get your voice off the ads.

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any info you now who ( former owner of Club fm & Vibe fm ) - gary, January 22 at 19:27:34

any info you now who ( former owner of Club fm & Vibe fm ) - gary, January 22 at 19:26:51

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mr kennedy is the biggest big head ever - mr info, January 22 at 16:32:41

Anybody But Frank Kennedy - ABFK, January 22 at 17:23:26

I think.... - Hmmm, January 23 at 16:44:13

Sunshine 101

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What was the song that used to be played every night when they closed down before they became 24hr ?

what song did Stella Robinson play for her husband Robbie she played it on the last half an hour closedown of Sunshine radio?

I was listening to the real audio on but these songs are missing.

Is it possible to get a good mp3 copy of the Sunshine radio jingles anywhere on the web?

For Further Reading

Songs - Robbie J Robinson Co Co Ca Choo, January 22 at 6:33:28

Sunshine - Audioman, January 21 at 23:59:01

Sunshine on 539 and on FM - Tanya, January 22 at 1:38:19

FM - DJ some stupid name, January 23 at 23:42:48

91.6 - Toby One , January 23 at 1:25:43

Sunshine - Tanya, January 23 at 2:07:55

I know - faster Sheeba, faster ....... AAaaaaaaaaaaah, January 23 at 2:55:00

Name that tune - The Rabbit Kicked the Bucket, January 23 at 15:29:29

? - mmm, January 23 at 23:48:05

Sunshine - SERIOUS ANORAK, January 23 at 19:32:03

Aircraft Band - Captain Birds Eye, January 23 at 19:31:45


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1) The O'Jay's - You Are My Sunshine.

2) Frank Sinatra - My Way.

Both available on Napster.

Sunshine on 539 and on FM

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After radio Nova began referring to VHF as FM in the 80's, I remember Sunshine began broadcasting on 91FM.

They changed to their 101 frequency soon afterwards.

Interesting RTE radio 2, as it was known then, always called FM as VHF.


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Sunshine were on 91.6 for quite some time,a couple of years AFAIK.They had initially planned to use 88FM(on most radios back then,539AM & 88FM were at the same end of the dial so when you switched between AM & FM(VHF)you received the Sunshine!)Alas,one H.C Cary had other ideas & the is history.The use of the term FM is a lot"trendier"than VHF & may have originated in the US.


Message Body

yeah - it was an awful novelty record called ..shit..can't remember. The jock who locked himself in the studio for the launch was Pat Courtenay - a man who got shafted from Sunshine about two weeks later (he had been station manager at one point before Wild Bill came to town). Luckily a production job at Energy 103 was available which he took - and soon moved to brekkie.


Message Body

When is HOT finally going to get their act together. They started off so well and could of really made it for themselves, The audio was great, and the line up wasn't to bad either (Gavin Hayes, Andy Stevens, Frank Kennedy,Alan Murray)and now look at it today Frank is the only surviving one and u can now here those annoying voices of Stevie D and Wayne Scales Freedom Jocks which r now on hot Which in no doubt bring it down, oh I did I mention Tony Is gone, So lads come on clean up and give ENERGY a run for its money!!!!! Remember What ur mother said "Dont let a good thing Go to waste"

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Im serious.. - anon, January 21 at 11:54:07

Hang on a sec - W.S, January 20 at 13:45:03

ICE COLD RADIO - me, January 20 at 14:06:38

shite - hot,i mean cold stuff, January 23 at 3:23:39

Im serious..

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Energy is in a totally different league to Hot now. Thatís why no one compares them in here anymore. Hot get your act together you are a waste of a frequency, oh and stop playing classics 4o mins of every hour it sounds crap. And cool edit isnít that hard to use donít put out jingles that sound crap crap crap(see reverb)c cool edit for more details.

Kiss FM Limerick

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I have heard rumours that Kiss 106 in Limerick is going to close down as the owner can no longer afford it. The owner is supposedly the owner of DK Sports in William St. Does anybody know anything about this?

They have changed things around lately. Eddie K said that they were adjusting and improving their transmission. At the moment there are no DJ's on. Every few hours I hear the same thing.

The same people are behind Country Gold on 103 FM and I think they may have set up the new non-stop music station "Fresh 103 FM" which has excellent audio. They were playing excellent dance music last night. This had to have been mixed live as it stopped at one stage and then the automation kicked in.

Reply with any news.

For Further Reading

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The owner is supposedly......... - Libel lawyer, January 19 at 19:19:00

I'll fix this mess!!!! - Bob The Builder, January 22 at 20:55:57

Kiss fm

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Country gold are not part of Kiss. Mind you they have a very sweet stereo sound. Fresh are reputed to be a couple of limey's looking to break into the Irish pirate scene but they appear to lack presenters. They are also seriously over modulating. Galtee are probably the worst of the lot lot, they sound like they are broadcasting through tin cans.


I'll fix this mess!!!!

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The owners of Kiss Limerick were Tom Donegan and Darren Mc Cann (Owner of DK Sports)But Darren kicked Tom Donegan out of the partnership ¼ ¼ ¼ ¼ .Then Darren became buddies with Finbar Griffin (manager of The Temple Of Sound in Limerick)So now he's in on the act. ¼ ¼ ¼ ¼ ¼ .Tom Donegan (who also owns Kiss FM Cork- jointly with Ashling Murray his ex-fiance ¼ ¼ ¼ ¼ So there. Hope it's been helpful to those of you who lost sleep over the whole matter.

Top Ten Dublin Pirates since '88


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no.1 Kiss103.2 - the only real superpirate,high power,great jocks,very professional and really dented FM104 no.2 Pulse 103 - professional,great jocks/sound no.3 Energy 94 - this is a very professional sounding station and has already made huge inroads - sounds like a legal no.4 KIC FM - a very popular station,including the corridors of power!,audio FM104 can only dream about,full schedule and good signal no.5 Phantom - Made people wake up to the fact that alternative music can make money,on the shoestring phantom where on this station was excellent no.6 HOT 107 - professional sound and of course the o/bs no.7 Sunset 107 - it started the dance revolution! no.8 Freedom 92 - from the ruins of kiss,this station has improved immensely-if only its full potential would be realized no.9 Sun 101 - great audio,great idea and plating those one hit wonders,it played 65love affair on Tuesday morning - what a station! no.10 DLR 106 - Remember it led to the closure of horizon & Easi,it has survived a long time - now if they could get some processing gear. Other mentionables-Alices Restraunt -fab audio & signal on 107.1 & 107.7 So do yous agree or disagree??????????? intelligent replies please

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i agree with all except....... - mick, January 17 at 18:33:51 so did tony d - me ma, January 17 at 0:24:54 Àgree - AA Road Watch, January 17 at 13:54:38


i agree with all except.......


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I don't agree with the dlr thing. perhaps coast fm or nsr fm should be in there somewhere yes I agree with the order of all the rest . But isn't it amazing that garv rigby worked on all of the above but 2 (freedom and KIC) ...... I think Darrahgh Roberts worked on 5-6 of them (hot, sunset, pulse, energy and Dlr was it)

so did Tony d


Message Body

Tony d worked on at least 5 of the above also, along with 5 from the 80s and perhaps 5 others from the 70s.........

Which ones are using computers?


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I was listening to 104 over the weekend and a few others too, the jock on 104 on Saturday night gave out the Lotto numbers from the draw. How can they do that if it's recorded and don't 2FM and 98 use Master Control too? Or do any of these stations? Just curious...

For Further Reading

2FM - secret 2fm employee, January 17 at 17:54:25 computers - Radio MAN, January 16 at 21:09:30 98FM - overnight news ?, January 16 at 21:21:04 NEWS? - RadioMan, January 16 at 21:50:05 104 go live 24/7 - I know..., January 17 at 18:43:11 hahahaah - big bungle, January 17 at 19:30:31! - ha ha ha, January 17 at 21:20:19 I'm still laughing - big bungle, January 17 at 22:26:49



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2fm use a system called radioman and it is used constantly for ads. It contains pre-recorded shows such as world web radio and the national chart replay. It has an automatic system built in which puts a live news feed through the desk on the hour throughout the night for news bulletins and the newsreader has exactly 2mins or so to read the news, Thats how 2FM does it



Message Body

98FM and Atlantic 252 both use RCS Master Control. 2FM use Radioman. Today FM use Radiomation, and Lite FM used Encodad. FM104 have a digital cart playout system (wavecart I believe) but no proper automation. As to live lotto numbers? The lotto numbers come in at about 9pm don't they? So a show can be recorded after that. Don't forget that both 2FM and 98FM run overnight news bulletins as well!!!



Message Body

Are they actually running NEWS overnight or is it just a rehash of News from the day before like they used to ?



Message Body

Both 98FM and FM104 rehash the 1am INN bulletin and replay it at 2,3,4,5am. Its the same bulletin on both stations - if you listen carefully. The only difference is that FM104 insert a sports bulletin at the end of the main news, while 98 just roll back to music.


Why did Jason Maine jump ship to Q102?


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Circa; the 80's. Jason Maine jumps from breakfast on Sunshine to Nova. A step in the right direction. But then he goes to the new kid on the block - Q102. Strange move. Was Jason offered loads more cash or was there problems with him and Chris? While we're talking about the boy Jase - does anyone know where he spent those lost years when he wasn't on Irish radio? Was he UK based for awhile? Don't get me wrong. I think the man is a radio LEGEND. I'm just wondering like.

For Further Reading

Jason Maine on how he got here.... - The Boy Jase, January 16 at 20:20:44 An excerpt from this sites profiles - bright light in the night, January 15 at 3:37:45 The Boy Jase - ..., January 15 at 18:49:03 I agree excellent DJ - Jason Maine fan, January 15 at 22:57:39 Nova's Nitecap - Tanya, January 15 at 1:13:57

Jason Maine on how he got here....


Message Body

"I was always interested in radio. So my first step was to work in a nightclub as a disc jockey. Pirate Radio was very big at the time and I got my first break when I was asked to work in A.R.D (Alternative Radio Dublin). I remember it well. ARD was based in a bedroom in a house in Cabra, later they moved into Belvedere House. I then moved on to Big D Radio in Camden Street. It was a very long apprenticeship but every step of the way, you learned more and more about the business. My first taste of professional radio came when I joined Sunshine Radio in The Sands Hotel, Portmarnock. Having listened to Robbie Dale some years earlier on Radio Caroline it was a privilege to step into his shoes on the breakfast programme at Sunshine. After a while Radio Nova came on the air and I was asked to join. It was a very professional station, and there was great team work. People often ask me how the Nightcap came about. I used to do the evening programme, 7pm until midnight, and I suggested an idea for the last hour of the programme. Just one hour of nice mellow music and it worked extremely well. After a couple of years on Radio Nova I was approached to join the new arrival on the radio scene, Q102. I bought my Nightcap Programme with me. Then as we all know the Broadcasting Bill came into operation and all the illegal stations had to close. After a while the legal stations came on stream, and the rest is history! So here I am in FM104. In this business you never stop learning. Remember - I'm on your case and in your place." Words of a true legend....

An excerpt from this sites profiles


Message Body

"The promise of big money and a management position lured Jase to Dublin's latest superpirate 'The quiet storm' Q102 in January 85 where Jase resumed his popular night time slot from 7PM - Midnight. After the birth of his first child, the accounts department at Nova sent Jase a congratulations card with the message "It might be of interest to you that Radio Nova is now paying it's top presenters over £400 a week" It might not seem like much now but how many people working in radio now are earning that sort of money? Incidentally the card was sent by Anne Caffrey, now married to Colm Hayes. Sometime around mid 87 Jase was relegated to overnights on Q102 and when Bil Cunningham arrived in march 88, Jase was escorted to the door of 8 upper mount street never to be let in again. The launch of Capital 104.4 in July 89 saw the return of the Boy Jase to the Dublin airwaves where he presented the 11 - 3am shift with the nightcap running from 11 - midnight. In September 1990, the management at Capital were forced to make major changes with the announcement that they were well behind 98FM in the JNLR book for their first year. Casualties included Gerry Stevens and the Boy Jase himself. Chris Barry was moved off overnights with his phoneshow to kick off at midnight from then on. After leaving Capital Jase presented afternoons on Wicklow's Easy 103 which at that time was being run by Dave C and Alan Hunter. When Jim Kenny took over management of Easy, Jase disappeared. In early 94 Jase got in touch with Scott Williams at FM104 and was invited back to spin the Saturday overnight. What a waste you might say just having Jase spin and that's exactly what Colm Hayes said when he took over from Scott in early 95. Jase was back linking on 104 and the anoraks couldn't believe it as call after call came through all wondering where he had been all that time. And, as you all know, he's back presenting the Nightcap weeknights on FM104 from 1am - 3 with the overnighter afterwards"

For Further Reading

The Boy Jase


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Not sure where he was for his off-air days in the 90's but he can't have been gone that long as he was with Capital for the launch wasn't he? Then did the Saturday Night overnight on the same station(now FM104). One thing for certain- he didn't leave Ireland and although he has a unique style now, you've gotta remember Jason was THE biggest jock in Ireland in earlier days...nice to see the legend lives on...wonder was he offered some doh from Lite when they were launching?

I agree excellent DJ


Message Body

One of the best in view what a DJ

Nova's Nitecap


Message Body

I used to enjoy listening to Jason on Radio Nova. Check out his picture (and others) from the NOVA days on the webpage. Keep it up jason !!!!


Cool Edit pro


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just after downloading Coll edit pro demo version, where can you download cool edit pro full version. This was on the site a while ago, but I never paid attention (naughty me) so anyone help me out here! Thank you my fellowed friends!

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Get Cool Edit 2000 (Full) + Plugins Here! - AiDO, January 14 at 18:17:35 forgot to say.... - AiDO, January 14 at 18:22:58

Get Cool Edit 2000 (Full) + Plugins Here!


Message Body

i just uploaded a cracked version of Cool Edit 2000 + Plugins to: Edit 2000/Cool Edit 2000 + enjoy!

forgot to say....


Message Body

you will not be able to use a download manager (getright,gozilla etc) to download the program...just paste the link in your browser and a small banner should pop up...wait a few seconds and the download should then start





Message Body

Right lads here it is in black and white! A lot of bitching goes on here, quite a large amount of it regarding Energy Vs Hot. At last, we have reached a stage where Energy can be complimented and a string of handbag-swinging doesn't follow! Before I go on, let me remind you that although Energy has the ghost of Pulse 103 lurking around, IT IS NOT PULSE, and in many ways, it's better... Pulse had a music format that was a cross-over of the format used in Freedom and Energy today. They had a combination of chart, commercial dance and sometimes edging on music slightly more hardcare- not often. Energy has a format orientated slightly towards more commercial dance and more hardhouse alongside. They have the odd Top 30 hit thrown in with a big tune that may be catching the ear of a lot of people. An example of this is Leann Rimes-Can't Fight The Moonlight, which was and still is (I think) on their playlist. It's not a dance track, but it IS a big song so they play it. A lot of their content is funky dance- Soulsearcher, Junior Jack etc., great uplifting sounds. This is the part which may get the handbags swinging, we'll have to wait and see: I feel that ENERGY is better, more professional, better organised and sounds literally more legal than PULSE ever did. Now it's clear that ENERGY don't have Mark McCabe and John Power but lets face it, good as they are- I'm not gonna knock a single person in this posting- Conor G, Declan P, Jenny G, this list goes on, are all great jocks too, but they didn't stand out like Mark and John did- love 'em or hate 'em! This is why I think that the jocks on ENERGY are top class too. A certain halo hangs over the PULSE name, but when you delve into the actual presenters that existed, the guys on ENERGY aren't doing a bad job at all. The website is f**king unbelievable! I know quite a few stations that are legit that don't have websites as good as ENERGY have! Another way that ENERGY stands out from the crowds by a long shot. Their production is the envy of the rest of the pirate stations in Ireland. It is just as tight as the legals, some of the ideas funnier, and all created without ISDN lines which 98, 2FM and 104 can boast of having. I think I'll finish up now, as when these posts get too long, I just glance over them, so let me leave you with "Springer's Final Thought"... In the days of the Super-Pirates, namely Nova and Q102, the stations that made history are above. However, these are also just history and back then, pirates were even bigger and different so I'm not comparing ENERGY to them in any way. The Super-Pirate of the year 2001 I hear you ask? I think we've found it... Thanks for the time, An ENERGY fan... please take note: I wish to state that I'm not involved with ENERGY in any way and you'll just have to take my word for this!

For Further Reading

What Radio Needs - Arse Kicker, January 13 at 19:46:12 super pirate bullshit - jimmy, January 13 at 20:47:21

What Radio Needs


Message Body

That's all very nice apart from the fact that Energy and the rest of the Dublin pirate scene really isn't very good. It's probably reminiscent of the late 70's when you had Radio Dublin, ARD, City, etc going hell-for-leather but still without generating much money or having a large listenership across a mainstream audience. It took a large station (by existing 70's standards) to break the mould and get things moving. So, I wonder in the year 2001 could something similar happen? And if so, will it be "foreigners" that stimulate this new interest.

super pirate bullshit


Message Body

the laws have changed since the 70s and 80s. there was a new law brought in around 1988 yeah!!! the 70s thing happened again in the 90s with kiss 103fm in the mid 90s. dlr and sunset were chugging along like the late 70s pirates with tapes, no format, okish signal, no premises apart from a shed and free form presenting. kiss did come along and blew it open but got raided 2-3 times because it was too big and then the heat came onto sunset. a big station like kiss will never work again in Dublin as it will just get shut down and raided. Pulse were lucky I was 16 when kiss was on in 94 and everybody in my school listened and I mean everybody energy is the superpirate of today. Bear in mind sunshine was out of a port-a-cabin with 19/20 year old DJs mostly doing 20" links but had advertising to pay people remember. Energy can't do that or they'll end up like Kiss fM



Interesting Kiss 103/Sunset thread below. My thoughts.


Message Body

I was wondering if there are any more interesting stories out there? To me Sunset was Tracy Lee, Barry Dunne, Andy Preston and the Sunday afternoon of dance with Benny Ryan, Dirk (Dick?) Montage and the rest. Kiss to me was all about Tony Dixon in the mornings and the way he managed to fit 5 songs into 15 minutes in the Top 5 At 10 seque. Very tight. Dave Lowe was there also wasn't he? Why did this guy give up radio? A great jock. Was Andy Preston there or not? Kiss were sounding shit hot just before they closed. A shame. I also heard Andrew Mangan was set to do Breakfast on Pulse 103 had they got the licence. Can anyone shed any light on this?

For Further Reading

close - but no cigar - Dublin drives home with us, January 13 at 20:42:13 Sunset - N?A, January 13 at 19:28:15 more Sunset - pope versus Paisley, January 13 at 20:45:51 stop stirring shit - mick, January 13 at 20:32:47 kiss 103.2 lineups - mick, January 13 at 16:18:06 kiss 103 dublin - been there dunne that, January 13 at 16:43:54 me again....kiss 103 history of DJs - Her Story again, January 13 at 17:09:34 you mean - @2, January 14 at 0:50:48 yeah they did... - the guy, January 17 at 16:41:57 didn't we just go over this? - ah not again, January 13 at 20:48:25

close - but no cigar


Message Body

Dirk Montage never did anything for Sunset. He wouldn't have been allowed in the door (and its doubtful that he would've wanted to work there anyway). Dave Lowe was in Kiss, I think he did drivetime after Sunset closed. As far as I recall Dave Adams moved to breakfast. Dave went on to work for Hot 107, left to go to Q95, and that was the last I've heard of him. You're right though. Good jock. And you're correct. I thought Kiss 103 sounded best (although with a lesser audience due to their low power signal) just before they closed down.



Message Body

When Sunset first opened it was a Rock Station.. Garv Rigby The First DJ To do a Dance Show On Sunset Sunday Afternoons I Think. Shortly after this Sunset Became knowen as "Dublins Dance Music Factory". Which also set the whole trend of dance music Radio stations in Dublin??? Garv Then Moved to Kiss 103 And "Schools Out" 7-10pm. Any Toughts on this..

more Sunset


Message Body

Garvin was the first jock to play dance music on Sunset. At the time Sunset had a lot of specialist programmes (rock/reggae/soul/classic oldies) and they thought that dance music was just another genre to play. Garvin brought in Benny Ryan - who replaced Pete Reed in the lineup (yup - Sunset fired Pete, although its doubtful he would've hung around to play hardcore rave!). I can't remember when "dance factory" came into use - I think it was early in 1993, just before Barry Dunne rejoined the station. The station used to open at 4pm at that stage.

stop stirring shit


Message Body

it is messages like yours above NA that start all the shit on this board. you know, that now all the garv haters and lovers will start a whole thread going...... ...if the above post is a genuine one then I apologize for getting at you. garv and benny ryan both started the first dance shows together on Sunset. Ollie Dowling had the first dance show in Dublin on DLR around the same time perhaps a week or so before sunset.... so between benny, garv and ollie they were irelands 1st credible dance radio djs as opposed to simon young on 2fm playing 12" kylie songs

kiss 103.2 lineups


Message Body

there were 2 strong lineups AT KISS 103.2 IN 1994 there was breakfast Andy mangan( Dave Adams) 10-1 Tony Dixon 1-4 Chris Young 4-7 Steve K 7-10 garv Rigby 10-1 Steve Davitt when garv went to 98 and Steve k went to the Usda it became: Breakfast Steve Cooper 10-1 Kevin branigan 1-4 Chris Young 4-7 Andrew mangan 7-10 Damien Mc Caul 10-1 Steve Daviitt

kiss 103 Dublin


Message Body

then mike ormond got a job in 104 and closed it down.....allegedly

me again....kiss 103 history of DJs


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Once upon a time....... remember that in the early 90s, 98fm was classic hits and fm 104 was rock 104 and later fm104 in 1993..... with a very, very slightly more edgy format than 98fm and 2fm was almost as bad and as old hat as it is now. There was no radio Ireland/Today FM in yesteryears as Century had gone bust b 4 the century and Lite fm was like a feather in the wind blowing away in Martin Blocks mind........... when kiss 103.2 went on in mid 93, fm104 were literally blown away, losing almost 50% of under 25's overnight according to in house tracking from 104 and newspaper articles at the time, beating Sunset by about 76-24% (dlr and radio Dublin were the only other decent pirates in early '93). I remember garv rigby was poached from sunset as PD for kiss fm ( after a flaming moe's row with Gary C apparently , don't know how true that is) and he was also the evening funny farm jock (7-10pm). With him went steve k for afternoons(1-4), ronan scanlon, Andy p(Preston) for a bit (then he went back to Sunset do take up a better position). Then on air came Chris young from a hospital station, Tony D was brought in from dlr 106 (10-1), Gerry Stevens was about to join but the money was so low he laughed and went shopping and dirk montage came from WNSR along with Kevin Branigan(10am-1pm IN THE FIRST WEEKS B 4 he went into PRODUCTION), Steve Davitt (10pm- 1am), Ralph mc Garry and Mike Ormond (Sales and marketing). Steve cooper left Anna Livia to do breakfast or was it drive time news...... yes later on it was breakfast (he did headlines from 4-7pm on the 1/2 hour)??? and Damien Mc caul took up an afternoon position (1-4...... after Steve K left and went to USA for the Summer), followed by the very ,very talented, humourous and sadly missed Dave Adams (Andrew Mangan) from 4pm- 7pm. Weekends were done by people such as the yellow jumper man, Happy Harry (Dark Mark Mitchell, Connor G, G'th Scelly , Ronan Brady, Sean power, Paul Kavangh, DJ Wicked Willie, Cliff Walker and Smokey Towers (Tom Cole).Later on other radio guys came and went including Miles J, Jeff C and the crew from Ulster, George from the Rude awaking at FM 104 and others to name a few...... overnights were done by Mel Byrne , the red faced man and many others including a magician who disappeared into thin air one night (bless!!!) we'll leave the raids to another day.

you mean


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Sean Power & Paul Kavanagh off Freedom actually worked on Kiss, are you sure? I didn't know that

yeah they did...


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yeah sean & paul worked on kiss


Sad Nova Anorak Question no. 2345


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Last Reply from the bottom of the page was : Tony Allen did the N-O-V-A over the slow music track, Chris Cary himself did a dry version, as did some American gent! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The N-O-V-A among the jingles downloaded from the 80's pirate radio site doesn't sound like TA or CC when you listen to it dry - but it is the same one that's on a lot of my early tapes of NOVA - anyone know who it is ?

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The vo's were done by... - aint no maniac!, January 12 at 17:15:31 Probably The Best Lager In The World - Carlsberg, January 12 at 14:43:49 N-0-V-A - x, January 12 at 16:06:03 N-O-V-A - Nova Songs'r'us, January 12 at 17:43:56 NOVA - Mutley, January 12 at 18:29:58 voice corrections - novaman, January 12 at 22:40:58 Really? - Confused, January 12 at 23:47:41 voice corrections - novaman, January 12 at 22:39:13

The vo's were done by...


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Bill Mitchel did the vo's for The 80's Nova, Radio Caroline and Pulse 103FM. Unfortunately Bill is know dead :( R.I.P. ps. He had a cool voice where do you download the Nova Jingles?

Probably The Best Lager In The World


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It's not the Bill Mitchell version that was used on the satellite service, was it? Bill did the v/o's for Sunshine where Tony Allen did them on Nova.



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Correct it is Bill Mitchell! He also did some V/Os for Nova in the post NRG 103 days before satellite Nova.



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This isn't Bill Mitchell, this jingle was around way at the start. It might be TA slowed down a bit. it's on the jingle compilation downloadable at: (Takes bloody ages to come down though.)



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IT IS Tony Allen!It was probably put thru the pitch transposer.

voice corrections


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As someone correctly said earlier, it was Chris Carey who did the dry N-O-V-A and TA who did the v/o one the 'slow' music track !!!!!!!!! Signed Someone who worked for Radio Nova PS - Bill Mitchell featured on the 'All Music Radio' v/o package for Radio Nova. They were run side by side with the launch of the second sung id package.



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I thought that the "All Music Radio" package was from Q102, at least that's the jingle package I have with it.

voice corrections


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As someone correctly said earlier, it was Chris Carey who did the dry N-O-V-A and TA who did the v/o one the 'slow' music track !!!!!!!!! Signed Someone who worked for Radio Nova PS - Bill Mitchell featured on the 'All M





At least there is a constructive argument on this board for a change!!!!!


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I gotta say legal eagle may have touched or should I say wrenched the hearts out of most of you Muppets but at least we are not talking about mobile phones anymore. I stand with Legal Eagle on this whoever he maybe. Now there is an interesting question...Who is he/she? Well we should look at the clues.... We can really assume its not Barry! ok Most of the postings are posted between 12pm and 2am so that kind of rules out any one working in the clubs (unless there crap and getting no work) but still a late night person none the less. The Garv and Rusty bit is confusing would it not seem? Somebody mentioned Legal Eagle did not work on a pirate in the 70s, 80s, 90s. Well I think they know too much for that to be possible. He/She really must be an ex-pirate. Well whoever it is they started a good argument. PS: I think many people are now using the name Legal Eagle just to jump on the pirate slagging bandwagon. They are all right to slag off the pirates because the quality (not the sound) is crap compared to the 70s,80s and the early 90s. Good Night

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what? - early 90s pirates were better?? - rick, January 11 at 10:41:54 early 90's - hey I was there! - Dearg Doom, January 11 at 0:25:07 The red hot sound of Kiss 103.2fm Dublin .......mid 90s - Slice of her story, January 11 at 3:23:48 7000 hours of music a minute/A Sunset view of things! - Dublins Daaaaaance Factory, January 12 at 20:27:10 yes......but - His Story, January 12 at 22:30:35 your last chance to dance - Daaaaaance factory, January 12 at 22:59:54 HAVE YOU ALL FORGOTTEN - the best station of the lot ?, January 13 at 5:06:19 Radio Active 101 Ė Dublinís Dance Factory, January 13 at 20:37:31 Radioactive - sadly missed, January 13 at 22:40:25

what? - early 90s pirates were better??


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the early 90s quality was better?? what are on about. just listen to any old tapes or think back to the early 90s. dlr and sunset were extremely unprofessional compared to energy or hot today. sunset used to come on at 12pm if lucky had some good djs only. andy p garv rigby barry dunne steve k darragh roberts and perhaps benny ryan and gary mathews. that was it....... dlr had tony d and les vickers.......nobody else. the presentation and programming of the early 90s pirates was awful. sunset used to have 1 day of dance on a Sunday until 1993. Sundays were daragh hurley garv rigby gary mathews benny ryan tim hannigan and mark kavanagh( laTER ON ) THERE WAS NO FORMAT AS SATURDAYS WERE ROCK AND REGAE ORIENTATED. But fair play to gary for getting it all going eventually and credit is due for that.

early 90's - hey I was there!


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the early 90s quality was better?? Yep. what are on about. just listen to any old tapes or think back to the early 90s. I was there - working in Radio Dublin in 1990 and everything. And I don't EVER want to hear tapes of that. What a kip. dlr and sunset were extremely unprofessional compared to energy or hot today. Not so. Despite the limited resources of the early 90's stations and the fact that most of them grew from small hobby stations, the programming of some of those stations would put a lot of today's stations to shame. DLR had its moments in 1991. NSR was the station to try to beat in 1992. In 1993 it was Sunset. Come 1994, Kiss FM tried to take it a whole new level. 1995 saw the arrival of Hot 107 and Pulse 103. Both stations had healthy respect for each others programming. sunset used to come on at 12pm if lucky had some good DJs only. andy p garv rigby barry dunne steve k darragh roberts and perhaps benny ryan and gary mathews. that was it....... And Chris Murray and Tracey Lee and Tony Quinn and Ronan Scanlan and Ian Redmond and Tom Smith and Wicked and Brian Johnson and Fintan O Hare and Jay Ahern and Dara Hurley and Mr. Spring and many many more. dlr had tony d and les vickers.......nobody else. By the middle of 1992 - DLR had gotten stale and complacent. IF you want to talk about their early programming though, you should think of the Creepy Crawly Dan Frawley show, and Al Hughes. the presentation and programming of the early 90s pirates was awful. Not true. For example NSR 105 used to have an excellent programme on in 1992/3 on Friday nights called the "Decadent Dance Hall Dub Session" with Pat Allen? (now, whatever happened to HIM?) It was first rate. I also remember the Sunset Night Network which also went over to NSR 105. A very young Al Gibbs also sounded very well on NSR, and the weekly "JJ McKay Extravaganza" was ... well, an extravaganza! Mr. Spring (back then he was Mr. Fantastic) also used to present an awesome show every Sunday night on Sunset. So did Jay Ahern. I never worked for Kiss FM, but they did an excellent job in 1994 of providing a top 40 radio station. Even as recently as 1995, we saw Hot 107 broadcasting live from Portmarnock beach during a heatwave. They didn't get any cash out of it - they just did it for a buzz. sunset used to have 1 day of dance on a Sunday until 1993. Sundays were daragh hurley garv rigby gary mathews benny ryan tim hannigan and mark kavanagh( laTER ON ) And Jay Ahern. THERE WAS NO FORMAT AS SATURDAYS WERE ROCK AND REGAE ORIENTATED. At the very conception of the station that was true. Sundays were all dance, and Fridays and Saturdays had a variety of programming including heavy metal, indie and classic rock. The station was doing its best to fill broadcast hours - and as a hobby station did a very good job. When the station moved to Blackrock for a short time in 1992 it became more pop orientated, and by early 1993 was a chart/dance station (not unlike Freedom 92). The decision was made to go ALL dance in April 1993 (which in reality was just fine tuning the format). The handbag jocks were on during the day, while the more credible guys were on in the evenings. But fair play to gary for getting it all going eventually True. Of course Pulse 103 was bigger and more successful than Sunset. I don't think that you can compare the early 90s stations to the pirates of today. Today's stations operate in a far safer environment (remember the raids of the early 90's), with studio premises and top notch gear. There were a lot of shitty things about the early 90's pirates. You're right. Sunset didn't go on the air till midday every day - they used to relay satellite radio instead. That's because the station was run by an 18 year old from a garden shed. In some ways you're right. Lets not remember the early 90's as the halcyon days. They weren't. However, some good radio was produced under difficult circumstances. I don't intend for this to get into a 'legal eagle' shitstirring debate, nor did I post the initial message that started this thread, but I found it interesting. I hope that my post continues on this thoughtful debate. Any comments anyone?

The red hot sound of Kiss 103.2fm Dublin .......mid 90s


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Once upon a time....... remember that in the early 90s, 98fm was classic hits and fm 104 was rock 104 and later fm104 in 1993..... with a very, very slightly more edgy format than 98fm and 2fm was almost as bad and as old hat as it is now. There was no radio Ireland/Today FM in yesteryears as Century had gone bust b 4 the century and Lite fm was like a feather in the wind blowing away in Martin Blocks mind........... when kiss 103.2 went on in mid 93, fm104 were literally blown away, losing almost 50% of under 25's overnight according to in house tracking from 104 and newspaper articles at the time, beating Sunset by about 76-24% (dlr and radio Dublin were the only other decent pirates in early '93). I remember garv rigby was poached from sunset as PD for kiss fm ( after a flaming moe's row with Gary C.) and he was also the evening funny farm jock (7-10pm). With him went steve k for afternoons(1-4), ronan scanlon, andy p for a bit (then he went back to Sunset). Then on air came Chris young from a hospital station, Tony D was brought in from dlr 106 (10-1), Gerry Stevens was about to join but the money was so low he laughed and went shopping and dirk montage came from WNSR along with kevin Branigan(10am-1pm IN THE FIRST WEEKS B 4 he went into PRODUCTION), Steve Davitt (10pm- 1am), Ralph mc Garry and Mike Ormond (Sales and marketing). Steve cooper left Anna Livia to do breakfast or was it drive time news...... yes later on it was breakfast (he did headlines from 4-7pm on the 1/2 hour)??? and Damien Mc caul took up an afternoon position (1-4...... after Steve K left and went to USA for the Summer), followed by the very ,very talented, humourous and sadly missed Dave Adams (Andrew Mangan) from 4pm- 7pm. Weekends were done by people such as the yellow jumper man, Happy Harry (Dark Mark Mitchell, Connor G, G'th Scelly , Ronan Brady, Sean power, Paul Kavvangh, DJ Wicked Willie, Cliff Walker and Smokey Towers (Tom Cole).Later on other radio guys came and went including Miles J, Jeff C and the crew from Ulster, George from the Rude awaking at FM 104 and others to name a few...... overnights were done by Mel Byrne , the red faced man and many others including a magician who disappeared into thin air one night (bless!!!)

7000 hours of music a minute/A Sunset view of things!


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I don't think Andy P ever worked on-air for Kiss 103 - but he did help the guys get the radio station together. Also, I don't think Cliff Walker ever did more than one show for Kiss - he was working in South East Radio in Wexford at the time. As well as that - Kiss were effectively over by August 1994 - the low power TX saw to that. The initial high powered 103.2 had long since been carried away by the DOC. Garv Rigby departed and went to 98FM to do sales. Also departing Sunset were Steve K and Ronan Scanlan - both of whom had the decency to let Gary know they were leaving (unlike Garv who left it till about 24 hours before the launch!). Ronan left Kiss after two weekends because he was totally disillusioned with the station. Kiss was very successful very quickly. Together with Club FM they badly damaged what had been the city's largest pirate Sunset. The music policy on Sunset went to shit - everybody wanted their say - and the station began to lose focus. What worked for Sunset was having the "radio" DJs on during the day, the Tracey Lees, Barry Dunnes etc, while having the 'cred' DJs on at night. Instead of that you had "DJ EL" playing hardcore at 1.30 in the afternoon. That combined with the raids that Sunset suffered together with Kiss 103 didn't help matters. Eventually wiser heads prevailed, and Sunset began to tighten up again..but at that stage it was all over for both them and Kiss. Sunset closed down two weeks before Kiss 103. Dave Lowe then went over to Kiss to do drivetime (I think - but I could be open to correction). Kiss jacked it in just a couple of weeks later. I always thought that Kiss sounded its best towards the end. Despite the dodgy signal and appalling audio Andrew Mangan had the format working very well. He had removed some of the crap "ZYX" label music so beloved of Sunset, and had instead concentrated on playing the proper pop stuff. Kiss 103 sounded great just before it closed. Ironic, eh? As for other decent pirates in 1993? There weren't any really. DLR was a pale shadow of its former self, NSR had closed down in late 1993 (Kevin was presumably planning Kiss at this point), and Radio Dublin were a non-entity. I always liked Coast FM, but the station was resolutely a hobby station (nothing wrong with that). btw, can you imagine what the wage costs would be like if you tried to get the people who worked on Sunset or Kiss back together? Just a thought....!



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bear in mind garv got a wod of many or so the rumours go to leave sunset along with Dave Adams (andy mangan). garv did tell gary as he left sunset about 2-3 weeks b 4 kiss 103....... cliff walker was essentially f*cked out along with ronan scanlon for not being able to use the cart machines......sunset used tapes u see. somebody else went to kiss from Sunset was it Darragh Roberts? DON't EVER compare Club Fm to sunset or kiss, ever.

your last chance to dance


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As somebody who was involved in a pretty high (!) level with Sunset, I can tell you that Garv left it till the very last moment to tell Gary that he was leaving - in fact he initially denied that he would be joining them. Dave Adams never got a bung to leave Sunset to join Kiss for the simple reason that he never worked on Sunset! Cliff not being able to use cart machines? Thatís a good one. At this stage he had already worked for the Voice of Peace, East Coast Radio, South East Radio and FM104. Ronan wasn't fucked out of Kiss - he left after doing 3 shows there. Initially Sunset and Kiss didn't get on well (a situation not helped by mysterious late night nuisance calls to Sunset/Coast FM DJs and management), but after the shit hit the fan and the raids began the two stations found that they had to have a minimal level of co-operation. Gary lent Kiss FM a low powered TX at one stage - which Sunset had to borrow back a few weeks later when they were themselves raided again. And I would never compare Kiss or Sunset to the scumbag ravers of Scrub FM! You take that back!! lol



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RadioActive 101 :-)

Radio Active 101


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They were pretty fucking cool back in 1993 actually. I remember the Christmas nativity play they broadcast one year. Sadly missed. Now, how about a 5 year on re-union for Urban FM?!



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While 99% of Radioactive's output was pretty dreadful the 1% of brilliance they came out with usually made up for it.



hot going down it's a shame





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it's not Tony's fault hot is going down faster than your average Essex girl . it's frank Kennedy Tony is merely the messenger if frank knew what he was doing and was prepared to give the finances necessary to run a station , hot haven't a hope against energy without funding , they have a good frequencies and three or four good jocs maybe more I haven't really listened at weekends , ross lynch , tony l and tracy clifford are good. it needs work though , frank pay attention

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ENERGY - quadro, January 9 at 0:23:29 Must I explain EVERYTHING - Legal Eagle, January 9 at 1:05:08 chips on shoulder - crossed wires, January 10 at 9:52:24 Sad But True - Realist, January 10 at 16:46:38 Past - crap face, January 10 at 18:04:15 pirate stations - heady bear, January 10 at 19:16:00 Past Pirates and Now - Darragh O'Dea, January 10 at 19:36:47 Fair Play! - James Davids, January 10 at 20:27:53 HERE, HERE MR. DAVIDS- RESPECT! - Too true, January 10 at 20:48:00 Nuff respect! - Me, January 10 at 20:02:58 'Real' Professionals and Energy - Pirate jock, January 9 at 3:49:02 Nearly had us fooled there Mark! - ho ho ho & a bottle of rum, January 10 at 11:47:00 I'm not even gonna bother - whatever!, January 10 at 19:07:48 jeez - ok then, January 10 at 19:25:22 Go fuck yourself Barry - if only you knew, January 9 at 2:15:11 ################QUESTION FOR YOU ALL ################# - Dearg Doom, January 10 at 23:24:23 Have your say - The Accused????, January 10 at 20:46:14 Baz - Tom, January 10 at 22:26:10 Barry Dunne/Legal Eagle/Scumbag Pirates - Legal Sparrow, January 10 at 14:29:36 BARRY DUNNE - Thanks for your viewpoint , January 9 at 1:38:13

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Hots best asset are it's frequencies. And only for ESG first building up a huge audience on 99.1 after Pulse closed - Hot would be nothing. If Energy were relayed on 99.1 it would be the final nail in the coffin for Hot. If that happened, Energy may finally be recognised by more of the general public for the seriously pro outfit it actually is.

Must I explain EVERYTHING


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Energy? Seriously pro....thats the funniest thing that I've read on this board in weeks. Look, if the REAL radio professionals like myself thought that Pulse 103 sounded like Amateur Hour, what do you think we make of Energy? Ten minute DJ links. DJs who are incapable of talking with normal voices. Dreadful audio. Once again the piddly little CHILDREN on this board have proved that their egos are bigger than their talent. Rest assured my little pirate buddies, the PLAYERS of Dublin radio don't give two s*its about your self satisfied itsy little pirate stations. Do yourselves a favour; listen to real radio station and learn from them. For all those wanna be R*cks - listen to him. He gets in and out of links. He doesn't spend 5 minutes talking s*it and giving out the phone number repeatedly. While I'm on the subject - SMS requests. How sc*mbag can you get? You may as well just wear a T-shirt that says "Harp Bar Reject". I look forward to hearing all your little whinges about my viewpoint - but ask any REAL pro (Energy a pro station - f*ck thats a good one) and they will tell you what I'm telling you. Todays pirates are laughed at. If Sp*n FM ever gets on the air I will be surprised if they even hire one of you little s*itbag DJS. What a state pirate radio is in when the little anoraks would rather talk about mobile phones than radio programming. If most of you f*ckwits put 1/10th of the interest you have in phones into coming up with NEW ideas then Dublin would have some great pirate radio. And don't start pointing out to me all the people who have graduated from the pirates to the legals. They would've made it without the help of your pi*sy stations. The fact that very few of them seem to be interested in the pirates of today would indicate just how bad the pirates really are. Do you know how few listeners you really have? Just 'cos all your mates listen doesn't mean that Dave K*lly is s*itting in his pants. Unlike the 70's, or 80's, or even some of the pirates of the 90's, you people get no respect from the radio pros. Nor will you. I thank you. THE Legle Egle

chips on shoulder


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Jesus you have a serious chip on your shoulder. Get your head out of your butt will ya? Energy are by far the most professional pirate in the country TODAY. Why can't you just accept that? Some VERY good points made the posts in reply to yours. Well done to "Pirate Jock" and "If Only You Knew".

Sad But True


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Don't talk shite! If Energy is a professional station then I'm a monkeys uncle! It really is piss poor. There is NOT A SINGLE PIRATE STATION anywhere in the country that could compare to the pirates of the 80's. Like it or not. Pirate radio should never be run by teenagers, what the fuck do they know about life!

pirate stations


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teenagers???? look at premier, abc, energy, freedom, jazz, phantom, kic, radio dublin, xfm etc etc none are run by teenager abc waterford, magic, kiss and energy NI none are run by teenager you fool.

Past Pirates and Now


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Guys I think you are missing the point about pirate stations now and the stations in the 80s. If you were around for it, Nova, Q, Sunshine were the most professional stations of their time. But I remember a story from 'Radio Radio' about Mike Hogan when he ran Q, that he had to grow a beard because he was so young, only 21, about the same age as the people who run stations today. Why do you all live in the past? Sure a lot of todays pirates have it easy with things such as CD players, MDs, Cool Edit, Optimods etc. Its a long way from where the old pirates came from. I personally remember CAUFM where I worked and we were one off the small radio stations to have a 3 stack cart machine, like Wow!!! Serious top of the range at that time, everyone else was using cassettes. Basically, think about it, I am now open to abuse because I have come out of the closet, but who else will put their name to an article. Pirate radio today is very good, and if you think its not, ok, you have your opinion! Stop accusing people of posting comments about themselves, if they want to do that let them. Whoever posted that Mark Noble was posting about himself is quiet frustrated, does he have something against Mark? We might not all agree about DJs such as Mark, Declan, Jenny and the others to reach the legals, but face it, they are there, and so what if its in the middle of the night when mostly everyone is asleep, they made it! they went to the hassle of doing the shit work and over time have managed to build on something. If they are so bad why are you not on the radio instead of them. Finally this is my challenge, come out of the closet, identify yourselves, let us know who you are and lets properly debate the best thing in the world.. Radio. Darragh O'Dea

For Further Reading

Fair Play! - James Davids, January 10 at 20:27:53 HERE, HERE MR. DAVIDS- RESPECT! - Too true, January 10 at 20:48:00 Nuff respect! - Me, January 10 at 20:02:58

. .

Fair Play!


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Nice to see someone who posted under their real name, why don't you ever see my name up here you may ask, answer is simple, I just don't bother visiting this site anymore (except for today, following numerous phone calls about the above postings), it just pisses me off to see that people who work in radio can't just get along and continuously stab their supposed friends/colleagues and co-workers in the back. Stop the constant bitching, back-stabbing and please stop trying to compare one station with the other, be it past or present! Be happy with what you've got and stop complaining! Hopefully others will support this point and post under their real names, are we ashamed of our real names or something or afraid of some idiots slagging us???? Thanks for your time and the constructive comments on Energy, it helps to hear what other people in radio think. James Davids, Station Manager, Energy 94 FM.



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Dara and James- fair play from the one who knows, THE ONE WHO KNOES!

'Real' Professionals and Energy


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Legal Eagle. Firstly, are you frustrated? because you dont mind swearing a lot. Is this necessary? A few points! Real or not, anyone reading this board has something to do with radio in Ireland. Why is that everyone has to compare the current round of pirate radio stations to what everything else was like. Oh remember Sunset, hot107, Pulse, Kiss etc... they were all great stations in their day, but now their gone. How do you compare Energy or Hotradio to any of the former, because these stations are only on a short while but with each new station they do it better. Lets take Energy for example: and I'm not defending the operation in any way but there are good points and bad points to it. Energy are on-air how long????? Oh thats right barely 3 months!! Now for a 3 month old station it sounds very good. If it was 3 years old I'd say something else!!! Yes their audio leaves a lot to be desired at times, but if anyone here is old enough Century launched in 1989 and couldn't be heard nationwide. Put it in context. If you are a REAL professional, whats the problem with coming out of the closet, you can defend yourself, make some valid points and if you are a real professional we will take them on board. Having said that why dont I identify myself I hear you ask? Well, for much the same reason of attacks from other 'jocks' Iím in radio over 12 years and love every minute of it. Ive done the big pirates and the legals but now its not my main occupation so I just do 1 show a week for fun. LINKS: In the times I heard the jocks on Energy I haven't heard any '10 min links' They get in ant out, sometimes 30sec, sometimes 60secs, but with any new station and with people wanting all the time to get on radio, links to drag on a lot, but thats part of the learning process. These guys do it for nothing, no money at all!!! But they want to learn and have a passion for learning, thats why they can make mistakes along the way. Please stop comparing Dublin pirates to radio stations with millions of pounds behind it. David and Goliath I think. SMS: Pioneered by pirate radio stations, now used by 2FM on most of the 'youth orientated' shows. Its a great way of getting your request in, and its cheap. Scumbag??? dont think so, just another idea born with the pirates, perfected by the legals. I'm not here to whinge, in fact lets get to the point of why people out there want to have a go at Energy. I suggest we get James Davids in the chat room one night and he can answer all your questions. Why is there about 10 people waiting for someone else to leave so they can get a show? Why are all the gigs sold out? Why did they spend the money and get the good v/os. Fair play to Lar Wright and the production on the jingles.... Great job ........for a pirate!!(I hear you scream) Lets not re-hash the old 'who came from where before they joined legal radio' crap. Its boring and its been done before. But lets hear from the 'REAL' professionals!! I'm not hear for self praise but I want to take this chance to think of the few people who I (and its a personal choice) think sound professional, lucid and concise on the radio. This is in no particular order and please no bashing either. Barry Dunne Andy Preston Garv Rigby Daragh Roberts Gavin Hayes Mark Noble James Davids Jenny Greene Like I said this is my opinion, I'm not inviting any comments back, but if the 'REAL' professional with use his real name, I think we can all benefit.

For Further Reading

Nearly had us fooled there Mark! - ho ho ho & a bottle of rum, January 10 at 11:47:00 I'm not even gonna bother - whatever!, January 10 at 19:07:48 jeez - ok then, January 10 at 19:25:22

. .

Nearly had us fooled there Mark!


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I wouldn't have guessed who posted that until I saw your little comment about yourself at the end there, what have we now? GIVE UP: Nobody knows who you are Mark Noble, try getting a show when people aren't asleep!!!

For Further Reading

I'm not even gonna bother


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Andy Preston put up his e-mail address last week after he was accused of posting messages about himself. He expected people to be uncowardly enough to accuse him to his face and did anyone reply?...I don't think so! So after you accuse me of posting about myself, just take in what I've said and if I wanted publicity, I certainly WOULD NOT post it on this board!

Why Hot are going down the tubes


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Will Hot Radio be here next year? Hot FM need a full time manager who knows what the fuck he is doing. Tony - you HAD it together at one stage but the buzz about Hot in Dublin is dying. You're catering to the knackers that Energy FM don't want at their gigs but will be welcome with open arms at those trendy bastions of dance - The Backgate and The Sidewalk (are moustaches and Ben Shermans still essential to get in?) *DJs; Apart from Tony L and that guy who used to do Freedom (Andy Stephens?), the jocks range from below pirate standard to plain shite. Frank Kennedy - He plays the same white label shite day in day out and waffles the fuckin' ears off us. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, do yourself a favour mate and SACK YOURSELF! *Production; Very cliched and cheesy. Tony L sounds like Bruce Forsithye on yokes doing Play Your Cards Right when he says "you really don't wanna miss this one!!!" Oh dear. Tony is a good jock and will get much better, but he needs a better script to work from for the Ads - not a Radio Dublin cast off. The Ads themselves also need more "rhythm" to them a la Lar Wright's. Pardon the pun, but the bottom line is the Ads needs more *energy* (ahem) Playlist; ??? You must be joking. Jingles; Errrrmmmmmmmm ...... I can't write anymore, this is too upsetting. It was once said that Hot FM were "Club FM for the millennium generation", but I don't think they're even as "good" as that now. How about "Music for the Moustache Generation"? Yeah ... has a nice ring to it

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good points - fat man jacko, January 9 at 22:26:21

good points


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Good points my man, good points. But one thing I just don't get. Why, O why does G*enn K*lly still relay Hot on 99.1? Even the RDS says "Hot 99.4" - so they obviously aren't gettin on that well with each other. Anyways, time 4 hot to pack it in me thinks - or maybe go automated again?

hot fm???


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whats the story with hot? they are nearly 80% automated, they seem to have only 5 djs tony l, ross l, scott lynch, frank kennedy and some other guy who does Saturdays or Sundays sometime. lads come on... energy are kicking your ass

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photograhic evidence - The Dieter, January 9 at 21:59:52 It's going down the tubes and here's why ..... - Anne R. Ak, January 9 at 21:26:52 At the end of the day - anon, January 10 at 15:39:40 Ha Ha Ha - the one who knows, the one who knows!, January 9 at 19:08:47 in general - happy harry, January 10 at 17:29:37

photograhic evidence


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How are the hot gigs doing? everybody knows the energy gigs actually DO sell out. And they have the photos on the web site to prove it. And how come when hot is automated, it's always the same tunes in almost the same order. or maybe that's just me.



It's going down the tubes and here's why .....


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Will Hot Radio be here next year? Hot FM need a full time manager who knows what the fuck he is doing. Tony - you HAD it together at one stage but the buzz about Hot in Dublin is dying. You're catering to the knackers that Energy FM don't want at their gigs but will be welcome with open arms at those trendy bastions of dance - The Backgate and The Sidewalk (are moustaches and Ben Shermans still essential to get in?) *DJs; Apart from Tony L and that guy who used to do Freedom (Andy Stephens?), the jocks range from below pirate standard to plain shite. Frank Kennedy - He plays the same white label shite day in day out and waffles the fuckin' ears off us. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, do yourself a favour mate and SACK YOURSELF! *Production; Very cliched and cheesy. Tony L sounds like Bruce Forsithye on yokes doing Play Your Cards Right when he says "you really don't wanna miss this one!!!" Oh dear. Tony is a good jock and will get much better, but he needs a better script to work from for the Ads - not a Radio Dublin cast off. The Ads themselves also need more "rhythm" to them a la Lar Wright's. Pardon the pun, but the bottom line is the Ads needs more *energy* (ahem) Playlist; ??? You must be joking. Jingles; Errrrmmmmmmmm ...... I can't write anymore, this is too upsetting. It was once said that Hot FM were "Club FM for the millenium generation", but I don't think they're even as "good" as that now. How about "Music for the Moustache Generation"? Yeah ... has a nice ring to it

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At the end of the day


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Whatever is posted on this site is gonna find its way back to bitching, whether it's energy, hot or even freedom, all it is is a couple of pirates doing the best they can do, the opinions in here don't really reflect reality, especially in the sense of listeners, I know it was mentioned earlier in a post about Freedom but listeners are hoping to hear there favourite tracks on the radio and as far as crap DJs are concerned or even raduga automation once the listeners, who I believe are the most important thing are concerned most of these stations are meeting there goals. Hot maybe are catering for the lower class "Ben Sherman, and nike runners sporting back gate clientel" If thats what they want, thats what they got! Energy the more refined dance music fans, yes, energys is probably the most professional approach at the moment in the sense of presentation and production, and then Freedom, who I suppose are doing something totally different, I hate to say it but its true, they don't use up the potential they have, as a chart station they seem to have a huge huge audience but their listeners aren't the type to provide tons of cash from gigs etc. I don't know if they even run gigs. But my point is that basically lots of work and sweat goes in to all the pirates around, and rather than point out nitty gritty details about whose doing what wrong and who is doing it better, maybe if we supported each station for the hard work they put in as opposed to slagging, today's pirates wouldn't be such a sorry mess.






Where can I get a list of pirate radio theme tunes ?


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Does anyone have a list of pirate radio theme tunes so I can download them off Napster. What Is the the name of Phantom fm anorak hour theme tune and sunshine's theme tune was it sunshine reggea by ? . Did nova have a theme tune ?

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A Couple For Your List - Themes, January 9 at 21:55:03 Here is some more radio themes - Joe, January 9 at 23:30:14 Theme tunes - Mike, January 9 at 3:00:04 themes - Stuttering John, January 10 at 0:33:45 themes - Stuttering John, January 10 at 23:17:28 themes - Stuttering John, January 10 at 20:57:01 sorry for posting the above 3 times.......blame my computer - Stuttering John, January 10 at 0:39

A Couple For Your List


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Anorak Hour Intro Theme : Man of Action by the Les Reed Orchestra Sunshine 539 Theme : You Are My Sunshine by the O'Jays Radio Caroline Theme : Caroline by The Fortunes Radio Nova Closedown May 83 : Mel Brookes - It's Good To Be The King. Radio Nova Closedown March 86 : Paul Hardcastle - Don't Waste My Time.

Here is some more radio themes


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The Big D song 273 by John Paul it can be found the Irish Era @ The radio dublin theme tune can also be found at this great website @ radio valarie sw - Valarie by the monkeys What was the tune the captain Eamon Cooke used on the radio Dublin news every Sunday??

Theme tunes


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Radio Dublin station news theme tunes = "Bula Bula" also "Only the strong survive -Billy Paul" Sunshine Reggae was by Laid back If you go to and do a search on "pirate radio" they have mp3's of various (mostly US) pirate radio tunes Heres some more "Caroline" -The Fortunes "We love the pirate stations" -Roaring sixties "I spy for the DTI" -Moronic surveyors "Pirates Anthem" Shabba Ranks "Pirates on the Airwaves"- Pauline (somebody ?) and the Sunday best... lots lots more



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and "pilot of the airwaves" by Charlie Dore from about 1980/81



Sunshine 101 closedown 30/12/1988 "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" - Simon & Garfunkel RTE Radio 2 opener : "Like Clockwork" - Boomtown Rats Atlantic 252 opener : "Sewing the Seeds of Love" - Tears For Fears Capital 104 (FM104) opener : "Old Town" - Phil Lynott Century opener : "Pride" - U2 98FM opener : "Hotel California" - Eagles I think Radio Ireland also played Pride on their opening Song that was playing when the raiding party took Nova off the air in 1983? "Rip it Up(and start again) from Orange Juice. Sunset opening : 2 songs in a row from John Lennon Sunset closedown : "Set You Free" - N Trance Kiss 103 opening "I'm So Excited" - Pointer Sisters Kiss 103 closedown "Congratulations" - Travelling Wilburys Kiss 103.7 Monaghan closedown - "Ideal World" - The Christians Coast FM closedown "In the Days Before Rock'n'Roll" - Van Morrison there are also hundreds of songs that are anorak songs, not because they were played at a start up or at a closedown, but simply because they became a favourite of certain stations. "la Dolce Vita"- by Ryan Paris is an anorak song, 'cos Nova never stopped playing it. See what I mean? So, to continue this post...what were peoples musical memories of Nova, Sunshine, Q, Energy, Pulse, Kiss, Hot, Sunset and more......

For Further Reading

Themes - Andy, January 9 at 0:54:02 N-O-V-A Voice - Nova's Songs'r'us, January 11 at 6:33:21 Nova Songs - Infoanon, January 10 at 14:02:07 Santa Maria - Xyz, January 10 at 18:11:37 and more... - Nova, January 9 at 1:29:36 I'll Name That Tune In One - Name That Tune, January 10 at 16:27:38 Parodys - Schools Out, January 9 at 3:57:13 Parodys/Station songs - MusicMann, January 10 at 20:53:31 i love you...i love you - young people of ireland...., January 10 at 3:44:42 IS BULA BULA ON NAPSTER - PIERCE, January 10 at 21:47:20 songs - The Big D, January 10 at 22:10:54 I think I remember Ger Roe found a copy - Bula Bula, January 10 at 22:15:45 is it possible to get a recording Mp3 of it anywhere - Pierce, January 10 at 3:28:56 alan parsons project - Infoanon, January 11 at 9:06:32

. .

I'm fairly sure that Sunshine used "IF" by Telly Savalas as their closedown song in the days they closed at 9pm(?).I know the corus went "You are a child of the universe.....".The theme for NOVACARE was PHD's "I won't let you down".To correct a previous posting,I think it was Tony Allens "Good to be a Queen" in the first Nova closedown.Other songs;Michael Franks:When Sly calls;Vogue:Dancing the night away,(always with TA's dry N O V A imposed on it.

N-O-V-A Voice


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Was it Tony A or Eddie West who voiced the original N-O-V-A ? I know TA remade it for the 90's Nova, but it deosn't really sound like him on the original. Other Nova Tunes: Masquerade: Guardian Angel Sergio Mendez: Alibis Laidback : Sunshine Reggae Tony Carey : Fine Fine Day Billy Fields : True Love As for Energy still can't hear Lessons in Love without thinking of their test transmissions or Wax's Right Between the Eyes

Nova Songs


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And not forgetting: Paul Davis- 65 love affair, Denis De Young- Desertmoon, Theme from hill street blues, Pulse themes:Santa maria by ? & of course maniac..., Heartbeat 95, on the wings of love by George Benson, Any others??

Santa Maria


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"Tatiana" did Santa Maria

and more...


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The "Child of the Universe song" is actually Desiderada (sp) by I can't remember. It was a sort of secular prayer popularised in the states in the late 1800's. Someone had the bright idea of putting it to music. From what I know, Sunshine used to play it at midnight for many years after they went 24 hours. Nova used the Mel Brooks song for its closedown. For some reason, Myles dubbed TAs version onto his closedown tapes! Now I know who sings that Dancing the Night Away heres another Nova fave "Waiting for a Train" by Flash and the Pan and "Don't Try to Stop It" by Roman Holiday. They also used to hammer "Give It Up" by KC and the Sunshine Band Later on, when they got more poppy "Clouds Across the Moon" by the Rah Band, and "Mr. DJ" by someone who I can't remember. As for early Sunshine? There was a fixation with anything from Neil Diamond!!

I'll Name That Tune In One


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Les Crane sung Desederata. The Mel Brookes "It's Good to be The King" song was also covered by Lawrence John to promote his "All Night Nova" segments.



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The Mel brooks track was used for the Energy rap?? IS this true??? What about the Timex Social club - Rumours when Gareth used ot on the brekkie show. When Easy 103 closed down in 1991, Timmy Hannigan used the bet of Naughty by Nature - OPP on a rap!

Parodys/Station songs


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Yep...Energy rejigged it for the Energy rap. Gareth played "BLOOPERS" by the Timex Social Club together with Don Blue from San Fransisco station KYUU. It was a charity record that the SF station released. Energy 103 also had Bob Gallicoe record "When I Fall in Love" for Christmas 1987. Both Rick Astleyís version and the original version of the song were out at the same time. On a similar note, Energy used to have a Pat Courtenay parody of "Full Metal Jacket" as "I wanna be a dress designer". Q102 had the famous "Mickey Joe sings Madonna" sketch, which as the name implies was Mike Hogan singing over Madonna records. Remember kids - its only available on TARMAC! Sunset FM had "The Pope vs Paisley" by the Prodigy - a homemade production that nevertheless was one of the most requested dance songs of 1993. It was never made commercially available - but a few Sunset DJ's (including Andy Preston) would still have it on cassette in their collections!!

i love you...i love you


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The pope Vs paisley!!!!!!! Jesus now there's a blast from the past. How did they get away with that? Although I only remember Tony Quinn and Andy Preston playing it. P.S. where is Tony? A great jock in his day and a good bloke to boot.



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Yeah, nobody ever knew who recorded the Bula Bula. Not even cookie - legend has it is that he just found the song on an old cassette. btw, I have the DA Band singing "I Like It" on 7 inch, and I've also got the 7 inch of "Get Turned On to Big D" signed by some of the DJs. Now, if only I could find them!

I think I remember Ger Roe found a copy


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Didn't Ger eventually find an original copy of the record after a long search (which included the RTE record library) I cant remember who he said it was by though

is it possible to get a recording Mp3 of it anywhere


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Bula Bula can someone tell me if it is possible to find it on any anorak radio site or do I have to contact Gerard to see if he will make me a copy .What I am doing is making a radio anorak theme tune library. what was the tune played by nova or was sunshine by the Alan parsons project something like don't let in ..... on your island . also if you know of any good Irish radio theme tunes or websites where I can get them please e-mail me . Does anyone have a tape of the old KLAS Dublin I think it was 98.5fm . My e-mail address is Thanks to everyone for their help so far .

alan parsons project

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Nova played 'eye in the sky' & I think the other one was called 'I believe your mine'

Decent quality portable radio

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Anybody know of a good decent quality (analouge or digital tuned) portable radio with good sensitivity/selectivity and which doesnt generate spurious signals all over the band inthe presence of strong signals. and works well on ALL bands not just FM.

Does anyone make such a thing anymore ?

Also is there such thing as a walkman with decent FM reception (because ive never seen one)

For Further Reading

Portable - megawatts, January 7 at 1:29:29

Buy Sangen - Cheaper Alternative, January 8 at 12:11:19

Portable Radios - Arnold, January 8 at 13:15:10

Although ... - RFI, January 8 at 15:14:12

trying out radios in shops - a tin of beans, January 8 at 19:02:23

Roberts R862 - Mike, January 8 at 19:24:12

roberts R871 - roberts, January 9 at 22:24:33

SuperRadio III - General Electric, January 8 at 20:03:53


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Roberts make very good radios... including full RDS, with radio text.

Buy Sangen

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Buy the Sangen versions as they are much cheaper and are EXACTLY the same radio!

Portable Radios

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Sangen only make a couple of the Roberts Models most are still Roberts originals, great FM,MW and LW but look like something from the 60s and are expensive.

If you want to try out portable radios avoid shopping centres you'll get no reception worth talking about so you'll have no way to make a comparison.

Roberts R862

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I bought a Roberts R862 because the Radio Listeners guide said it had "good sensitivity" but im not that impressed with it.

Firstly its not very sensetivity and secondly I often get strong signals breaking out all over the band.

I have a Grundig Yacht Boy 400 which is quite Good on FM although middling on other bands. These receivers are quite expensive though (£120 - £150)

Im definitely convinced that they dont make radios like they used to.

SuperRadio III

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Apparently, the best American transistor radio you can get is the GE SuperRadio 3 at around $50. The AM section is supposed to be amazing, FM good, and battery life at over 450 hours! Keep an eye out on Ebay for one.


Audio on Irish radio

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Who sounds the best and why? As far as I can make out 98, 2FM and Energy are all using an Optimod. What are 104 using? It has less bottom end than the others.

I'd also be interested in hearing who you think had/has the best audio EVER on Irish radio.

For Further Reading

FM104 use Omnia - reply, January 8 at 8:21:23 Optimod - Megawatts, January 7 at 1:33:31 atlantic audio - audioman, January 8 at 9:04:30 Atlantic can sound even better - If you use a wide AM bandwith, January 8 at 19:09:57 Best Audio - Kick FM & BBC R2 - Infoanon, January 8 at 9:03:38 I disagree - ..., January 8 at 19:07:15 How can a pirate sound better than a legal Ė Its rare but it does happen, January 8 at 19:15:41 Explain compression - Does anyone know, January 8 at 19:32:04 Ask and ye shall find - Bob Orban, January 8 at 0:27:22 questions - well for a start, January 8 at 1:51:49 Some Answers - Bob Orban, January 9 at 18:27:05 Thanks a million - Just another question, January 9 at 3:06:18 Yet More Answers - Bob Orban, January 10 at 16:33:18 use your ears audioman, January 10 at 12:25:56

FM104 use Omnia

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They're the only station to use a fully digital transmitter and processor. 98 use a Digital Optimod- and always have done...and 104's did sound good 'til some clever bastard swiped it from Three Rock in July/August!


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Yeap, Energy 106.6 (Belfast) has been using Optimod for about 2 1/2 years, Many of the l,icensed stations use the new Digital one, , I have yet to hear one that is set up ok. Classic AM on FM syndrome, with the full "Bollywood" distortion. Best setups were from NOVA and on AM(Sunshine and NOVA). Atlantic 252 is the best set up on AM, currently.

atlantic audio

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thats because 1) it's using an analogue optimod AM processor. 2) It uses a valve transmitter! No unwanted digital gunk!

However by the time the signal gets to the UK it's pretty much inaudible anyway so no point to making it sound good :o)

Atlantic can sound even better

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I have a pioneer tuner and LW and MW stations sound very good on it because the IF bandwidth is wider than the standard 9KHz.

Unfortunately AM sounds crap on 99% of radios because

1) They are designed for selectivity rather than audio quality

2) It is assumed that everyone listens to FM nowadays anyway

Best Audio - Kick FM & BBC R2


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Best audio at the moment in Dublin is on KIC 104, it has modulation that FM104 can only dream about, FM104 Omnia NEVER sounded right and its amazing that they are still using it.

BBC Radio 2 audio is very clear & precise-a lot better than eg Lite FM.

Of the Big Stations,98FM is probably ahead, worst audio set up is Anna Livia - what a waste of an optimod.(Is this the old Nova optimod that ended up in that college 'ACT?'that went bust a few years ago??.

Pirates worst audio - Premier & the Irish mix - even cookie does better!!!!

I disagree

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Two points;


How can a pirate have better quality audio then a legal when 1) 104 have money which Kic don't and 2) a professional engineer(s)-not sure- to service and install the equipment?


Why would they just say "ah fuck this, we're dumping this Omnia thingy"- I'm sure it cost a lot probably in the region of 5K-8K with plug-ins?

How can a pirate sound better than a legal

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Remember Radio Nova.....

Even today tIts possible for a pirate to have better audio than a licenced station because

1) Many engineers in legal stations are not as competent as youd expect (and this applies to National stations as much as Community outfits

2) Many legal stations engage in penny pinching.

3) many pirates are using secondhand legal gear anyway

4) Many stations (pirate and legal) are over compressed and this can sound worse than no compression at all

Explain compression

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Does anyone know of a good website that explains compression, the differences between different types of compressor, the effects of different settings/paramaters on a compressor, the difference between compression, limiting and audio level correction. Disadvantages of compression (ive heard that some types of music dont sound well when compressed and very expensive tuners sound better on uncompressed stations) all that sort of thing ?

Ask and ye shall find

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Tell me what all you want to know and I'll try to answer it for you


Message Body

the differences between different types of compresser (i.e. what makes a "good" compressor)

the different settings/paramaters on a compressor and the affects of adjusting the same

The difference between compression, limiting and audio level correction.

Disadvantages of using compression



Some Answers

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Compressors are made for lots of different markets, radio, TV, recording studios, live concerts. Although they can crossover a bit, usually a compressor (or dynamics processor as it is rightly known) will be tailor-made for a given application. Most processors use 3 stage processing, that is an AGC (automatic gain control) to get the levels right before processing, a compressor to limit the dynamic range by a set amount over a given threshold, and a limiter (preferably brick-wall in radio or TV) to stop peaks in the signal from over modulating and causing distortion. Also most professional processors use 3, 4 or 6 band processing, that means that there are (up to) 6 compressors per channel looking at the audio signal and if a big bass note or high treble sound appears it just corrects that and doesn't lower the whole signal. That is why cheap processors (single band units) often suffer from "pumping" effects which make them hard to listen to on decent hi-fi equipment.

Also remember that most radio stations have an "audio chain" that is various audio units linked together between the output of the mixing desk and input of the transmitter. This may consist of "wide stereo" processors, equalizers, stereo coders, RDS units, etc - each one of which can affect your final audio signal.

I can't give specific settings for compressors here as they all vary, but if you want to know more about what each control does, just let us know.

Thanks a million

Message Body

What is the effect on the final sound of varying

Attack time, Release time, Compression level/ratio, and thresholds.

Yet More Answers

Message Body

Attack Time = How quickly the agc will react to a sudden change in audio level.

Release Time = How long it takes the agc to get back to normal after correcting the levels.

Compression Amount = The amount of gain reduction applied to the audio after it reaches a certain threshold level, usually expressed in a ratio of say 3 to 1.

Threshold Level = The point at which the agc or compressor becomes active.

Knee = How quickly the compression is applied to the audio after it hits the threshold level.

Next .....

use your ears

Message Body

Best way to set up a processor is to use one of its existing presets and tweak it using your ears and trial and error until it sounds good.

Too many engineers are setting up processing in a mathematical way, and they end up sounding shit.

Someone with a good musical ear and technical background would be your best bet... as they can set up your processor to match the kind of music you play.




the forgotten pirates of 1989-91

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hi I was wondering if people have any info or recordings etc of the forgotten pirates of 1989-1991.

from what I remember radio Dublin and star country in Monaghan were the only 2 full time stations on during this period.

anybody remember radio martina, k104, khtr, and more music radio in Dublin during this period??? (dlr came on in 1991 also i think). Any info around. k104 when it would come on was Irelands first dance pirate from what i remember.

did premier fm come on the odd Sunday also?

For Further Reading

Not Forgotten Pirates - Megawatts, January 3 at 21:09:08

Dates - JG, January 3 at 23:24:16

Hey Miles - do you remember.... - Park Hotel, January 3 at 21:44:17

89/90 - arnold, January 2 at 10:44:08

late 80's/early 90's pirates - whack! blam! thump!, January 1 at 1:45:22

Video and Radio Aircehcks - megawatts, January 4 at 18:42:13

Hey Miles - do you remember....


Message Body


I seem to remember Radio Nova. It was based in the Park Hotel in Omeath - but it only lasted a few weeks. I think its main TX was on 101.something. It used a number of Charlie Van Dyke KISS v/os that had been chopped and used to identify as "Mid Ulsters Quality Music Mix".

Dublin anoraks who never heard the station may be curious to know that at least three "Dublin" jocks worked there...Barry Dunne, Enda Caldwell, and Tony Mac!! (what a breakfast show THAT would've been!!!)



Message Body

To my knowledge, Kiss FM Dundalk has been on the air in some shape or form since they changed from Z100 on 99.9 after the "New" Radio Nova wiped them out. They broadcast as Kiss FM from December 5th 1987. To My knowledge Kiss 103.7 (or was it 1008 only) launched on April 1st 1988, some 4 months later. So you see they did not steal anybody's name.



Not Forgotten Pirates


Message Body

Jan 1989:-

Kay 104, ran tone for THREE Months, from the KISS FM 103.7 transmitter. Was switched off, after Cookie's raid.

Zee 103 came back for 3 months, from Omeath. Shut down after Cookie's raid.

Star Country grew bigger.

Rainbow, (Carrickcarnon) came on at weekends only, and later became Sunshine.

Riverside 101, Derry, came on, stayed on, and got a licence years later, as Q102.9

FM 100:- this came from the old K.I.T.S. studios, and was run by Lawrance John, and had a few of the old Zee crew, and Kits staff. faded out in later 1989.

I have some tapes of FM100:- It ran the Campagne for Music Radio, in Belfast.

BBQ FM- Craigavon kept the flame burning, as an occasional.

Radio NOVA:- Carrickcarnon/Newry This ran a 30KW FM signal into Mid Ulster for a couple of years in the early 90s, closed, and became Paul Milne's Sovereign. Suffered a few changes.

KISS FM:- Monaghan:- KISS 103.7 took the Megawatt station name, and ran from the originals closure, on and off. David Caraher.

Dundalk:-... took the Megawatt station name:- see Paul Milne, John Gartland.

Think that is about it... for the early 90s./Miles




Message Body

With regard to premier fm it was broadcasting most Sundays from sandymount from 1st Jan 88 on 103.4 until 91 when the premises became unavailable.

Programs were sometimes pre-recorded and there exists at least one high quality stereo vhs of a 'Greg Townsend' show which has been played from time to time on Premier.

Post your E-mail address and I'll see if I can do anything.



late 80's/early 90's pirates


Message Body


I remember them well. Radio Martina was based on the southside and used to broadcast a few hours every week.

There was also a "Radio City" with a very low powered signal that used to play some really cool anorak tapes (including rarities like Big D Radio).

K104 was Paul Hess out in Glasnevin. He used to come on about once a week. He normally played non-stop disco mixes.

There was KFM (no relation) in 1989 up around the Phoenix Park. I think it was a split from Radio Dublin - and that Alan Hunter and Dave C were involved. This station later came back on as "Invicta Radio!"

There was an occasional pirate IDing as Radio Nova in 1990. I don't know who was behind that one.

Premier FM used to broadcast every Sunday for a few hours on FM and AM (1413 I think!). Also on AM was Signal Radio from Blackrock.

The pirate boom of the 90's really began in early 1991.

DLR came on - initially weekends only on 5 watts! You also had Alive 105 in Stillorgan, KHTR in Sandyford, Rock 103 in Blackrock (this was Signal Radio on 1224), and Fresh 107 out in Ballybrack.

By the end of 1991, these stations had all grown bigger. Fresh FM was now Coast. Alive 105 was gone, but NSR 105 was in its place. KHTR was Sunset FM. Rock 103 was part of a 'night network' with Sunset.


I have a load of airchecks from 1989-1992 that I must give Ger Roe - they really are pretty cool. Test TXs from DLR, Alive 105, KHTR and Sunset. I've also got some rarities like "Radio Free Dessie Ellis" in my collection!

You must remember, that these stations operated at a time where paranoia was rife. Stories about 'black lists' and special branch detectives following pirates were all over the place. It took a lot of guts for, say, Premier to come on with a consistent schedule in 1989. The same goes for the stations of 1991. DLR went from 5 watts, to 50 watts, to 250 watts in about 6 months.

The sad thing is though, there was probably more creativity and initiative in use by the pirates in 1991 than there is in 2001.





Sun Fm Processing- what processor are they using ?

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Sun Fm is really improving, but is should program fade outs and stop sets with a bit more attention, there is nothing worse than hearing a favourite tune only for it to be interrupted. Also DEFRAG, please. What type of processing are Sun using ???

What are they using

Message Body

Yes, what are they using? It can sound very nice indeed - apart from the awful quality for the Ads. Are they using an Optimod? Anyone know where the ads are recorded? sounds like they were done in someone's bedroom - all the pops and clicks and bad edits?

For Further Reading

Processor - Me, December 1 at 19:12:27 Sun 101 fm - spitting image, December 1 at 0:13:40 Audio - ME, December 1 at 1:17:16 Sun? - T>f, December 2 at 2:56:24 Star djs+SUN - x, December 3 at 6:28:00


Message Body

They are using a 4 band Behringer compressor.


Message Body

yeah, its a Berringer Combinator. As for Sun on 101FM? Just proves that Star DJs haven't had an original idea since 1996!


More from SKY?

Message Body

try this link for sky hidden channels on test....

Cheers T.





Radio Transmission Equipment


Message Body

Veronica Crystal PLL Max-220Watt transmitter.

I will tune to desired frequency currently 106.8

3 months warranty.

Veronica professional stereo encoder.

(Variable stereo separation)

LA Audio professional compressor.

(attack, release, gain ctrl, noise gate etc)

£1,000 for the lot

0876823935 Gary Cruise Gary Cruze, November 11 at 18:32:46



Kiss 103fm reunion (and anorak night).....surprise guest - ma ma, November 9 at 0:31:45

Oh god, don't make me laugh - Fergal O Hanlan, November 9 at 1:48:03

Are you bitter about something? - Go go boy, November 11 at 20:37:34

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Eh wrong. - Fay Roly, November 11 at 3:07:00

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Kiss 103fm reunion (and anorak night).....surprise guest


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well it looks like a alot of radio people will be at the annual radio anoraks/ DJs piss up next week in the pines in Templeogue......according to 90% of people I spoke to.

I heard a rumour about a surprise guest of honour!!!!!

any ideas lads?


Oh god, don't make me laugh


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Nobody could overshadow Mike and Kevin's big night out. Rest assured, 90% of REAL radio people I've spoken to have shrugged their shoulders and raised their eyes to heaven at the very mention of a Kiss FM re-union.

Next they'll be telling us the special guest is Chris Carey or Robbie Dale. Or perhaps not. Face facts, most of us only go to the Kiss FM reunion because if you're there they'll find it harder to bitch about you.

And remember one other thing; never go to the jacks at the Kiss Re-union. Apart from the amount of closet cases in that place, they'll only start whinging about you the minute you leave the room for a piss.

Ultimately, Kiss FM was a radio station that achieved very little. Lets celebrate Pulse 103 instead - they did far more for Irish radio than Kiss. And they won't pass around a tin can at the end of the night looking for donations.

I thank you.




Are you bitter about something?


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I don't know much about Kissfm but it seems you have a grudge against Kiss and the people who ran it. Is it not as simple as this - if you don't want to their reunion go than don't go. It's very obvious that there's something on your mind though.

Maybe....maybe.....did you apply for a job there and get turned down? or......are you just a generally bitter person? I think I'll go for a few drinks to see who's there. Hope I don't bump into you!


Eh wrong.


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I doubt that was Andy P. Andy normally attends the Kiss re-union, and in fact helped the two boys get on the air back in 1994. I suspect you may have some apologising to do 'Slim Gym'.

Oh yeah,

a. I doubt that Tony McKenzie even KNOWS who the hell Kevin is and


b. Even if he is there, so f**king what? This city is littered with jocks who worked on 80's radio. Tony McKenzie may have been a cut above most of them, but big fucking deal.

Andy was not involved with kiss 103.........other jocks.


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Andy stayed at sunset along with half the jocks.

Steve k, garv rigby, ronan scanlon, DJ wicked went to kiss. The rest of the jocks came from NSR or ex local radio jocks like Dave Adams from northern sound and Steve cooper from Anna livia. I think Steve davitt came from ECR. Where was Damien mcCaul b 4 kiss 103?????

Andy, Barry Dunne, darragh roberts, DJ El etc stayed with Sunset

was miles johnson and a few ex kiss Monaghan boys involved??? I was up there in kiss Dublin 1 day and saw Miles hanging around????





Cork Airwaves-All is not yet lost


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original SCR had 10kW on 1557 MW - Romano, November 10 at 17:53:58

original SCR had 10kW on 1557 MW


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He is on about Pete(r) O'Neill's part ownership of South coast R which for a while had 10kW (ERI was 5kW)


For Further Reading

The SCR RCA 10 Kilowatt Tx.

South Coast Radio transmitter


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I know, perhaps, that this point may be slightly irrelevant, but didn't parts of the SCR transmitter end up on the m.v. Ross Revenge?



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No it was the 10k AM TX that was butchered for Caroline, thanks to Johnny Lewis. Basically when the AM tx was hit by lightning, it caused so much damage that Southcoast couldn't afford to get it repaired, and so Johnny (who had been working at SCR, but was back with Caroline) got the Caroline organisation to buy it off SCR.

That incident was the turning point for SCR they never recovered from loosing the big AM tx and ERI capitalised on the situation and stayed as Cork's No.1 station until the closedown in 1988.

ERI v SouthCoast

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Yes Eri had only 5 kw while SC had 10 but ERIís rig sounded much better and travelled much further. It was bought from a Gospel station in the USA and was about 30 years old, this together with the upkeep from Robin Adcroft kept the station soundin great back in the 80s when AM was more important than FM Cork anyway. ERI also had marketing and a big budget to spend and paid their presenters more...alot went on to do bigger things. I believe 96 still use the old ERI fm site at Holyhill which in its day was the only freestanding pirate tower in Ireland.

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Freestanding My Arse! - Michael Hogan, November 13 at 17:25:38

Freestanding My Arse!

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When was this? Nova had a freestanding aerial tower from 1981.

energy 103 Dublin


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was it the best station ever??

Pat and Bob, Tony Mc, colm h, gareth O, john O'H, Cassidy


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Does any one know were antennas/masts can be bought in Dublin


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I have a 160' guyed mast. Lower sections, (50ft) are a heavier gauge, and are painted red and white. Upper section is galvanised. Also have two 2 element yagi. Lower gauge is about 1ft, upper is about 9". Or call 44-20-8577-0159




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Prendergast do do di do

For aerials & towers, for colour or black & white contact Prendergast for aerials you know you got it right do do do..... Remember the ad?

Not in the business anymore boss but Paul Higgenbottom is yer only man. Get his number from either pete reed or gary cruise.



Atlantic 252


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Does anyone know why atlantic 252 was off the air Today?


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Get your facts right


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Number 1: The have 2 x 250kW Transmitters and they only run one at any time. Simple maths will show that 2 x 250 = 500kw = 1/2 a megawatt, so to the genius who pointed out they are running a megawatt... I don't think so.

Also, alot of problems over the last few years have been down to 2 things. The "Continental Electronics (CE)" TX's are 13 years old now and have been going nonstop. Also, the head engineer (Tom Hand, ex-RTÉ and Project manager for Radio Tara) is constantly having to beg for money (for maintenance on the TXs, TX Splitters, combiners and Various other pieces of vital importance) from the "ACCOUNTANTS" that run the station.

Also, parts for the TX are hard to get, so they're "expensive".

Thats all folks.


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The output from 2 TXs together is rarely equal to the sum of the 2 TXs due to losses incurred in the combining!It is usual to use TXs of higher power;ie,2x600KW to achieve 1MW.Also,Atlantics TXs(to the best of my knowledge)were being under run so they may well be 300KW each if not more.



greg parke now on Q102.9fm


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greg parke former dj on kiss106 and atlantic 252 is now at Q102.9fm Derry.


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Oh no it isn't - Joe, December 26 at 16:31:17



New RDS encoder for ESG

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Yes, ESG have replaced their old home made RDS encoder with a new top notch one. The old one was acting up. The new one is an AEV 4500. All the information on the company, website, email address, tel & fax number including the model number was scrolling across my screen this morning in the Radio Text mode. Hopefully they will put it to good use, BBC use their Radio Text to display the program name and info about the shows, this can be auto changed by PC. There are loads of other little toys to play with on this set too such as time & EON, You may have noticed the PTY was set at AFFAIRS today, Anyway: is where you'll find out all the info about this encoder plus a user manual.