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News from Radio Caroline Dublin


****** Musicians Radio Caroline wants your music. We will play all Irish & International music sent to us, for FREE. Band info also welcomed and Irish tour dates if possible. see. contact Radio Caroline for address info ....

To Tune into Radio Caroline make sure your radio is pointed at Dublin Ireland and tuned to 102.5 Mhz. FM, enjoy your hours of Free listening.

Radio Caroline Dublin started broadcasting in 1990 and continues to broadcast 7 days a week. The station would like to make it clear that we have no connection with the origonal Radio Caroline that broadcast from the 60's through to the 90's. This is another Caroline doing her own thing!

"Everyone has the right of freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers " Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Radio Caroline in the true tradition of free radio makes access to a cheap and user friendly technology of radio a 7 day a week 52 week a year reality.

Radio Caroline continues to operate with out the need for commercial funding and we see this as a further advantage in our desire to be free, to be who we are and to develop our ideas of radio in the community.

Radio Caroline would not exist but for the strong commitment we have within our group. In a recent self assessment we noted that our greatest asset above all were the people we have working with us on a voluntary basis. And when this power is coupled with the burning desire to Broadcast, Entertain, and Inform we have a hell of a radio station.

Radio Caroline can be heard in the Greater Dublin area on 102.50 Mhz FM. for times and programme details see our broadcast schedule. To Contact us Press here.

Read This. Synergy, Cross Media Ownership, conglomerates, a Global Warning by Bobby Gibbson 1st June 1995.

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Dublin's Radio News

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Radio Caroline's Broadcast Schedule

  • Monday 5pm-7pm DJ Speedway & DJ Hyper (Dance Zone)
  • Monday 7pm-10pm (Handbag Music)
  • Monday 10pm-12pm Bobby Gibbson The Irish Music Box

  • Tuesday 5pm-7pm Magenta (Time Warp)
  • Tuesday 7pm-9pm A Fusion Of Music And Comedy with Louis le Rooski
  • Tuesday 9pm-12pm Chip Burnstien and friends (Acid Jazz)

  • Wednesday 5pm-7pm DJ Dali (Dance Zone)
  • Wednesday 7pm-9pm Spiff (Jazz)
  • Wednesday 9pm-12pm Rock Show

  • Thursday 5pm-7pm DJ Boss (Dance Zone)
  • Thursday 7pm-9pm Robert Gray (AOR, New Wave sounds)
  • Thursday 9pm-12pm Dave Evans (80's 90's Pop & Love songs)

  • Friday 6pm-8pm Salvador (Dance Zone)
  • Friday 8pm-10pm Wally (Indie, Trance, Acid Jazz, Movie out takes)
  • Friday 10pm-1am Free Space

  • Saturday 12pm-3pm DJ Shea (Dance Zone)
  • Saturday 3pm-5pm Kev & Bob & Sid (Caroline's Sport Show)
  • Saturday 5pm-8pm Hubert Rooney (Classic Jazz)
  • Saturday 8pm-10pm Hubert Rooney (Classic Jazz)
  • Saturday 10pm-12pm Free Space

    Caroline's Super Sunday

  • Sunday 9am-1pm Derek Jones (Old Gold Retold Music of the 50's 60's 70's)
  • Sunday 1pm-3pm Colette - music of the 40's & 50's
  • Sunday 3pm-6pm Bobby Gibbson (Old Mould Resold)
  • Sunday 6pm-8pm Bryan Wilson (The Very Varied Music Show)
  • Sunday 8pm-10pm Peter Black (Dance Zone)
  • Sunday 10pm-12pm Clax (Dance Zone)

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    Dublin Free Radio Listings.

    Last update 13th October 1996
    1. 87.70FM Super Q link see 99.4
    2. 87.80FM Energy FM
    3. 89.80FM Vibe FM link freq.
    4. 92.00FM Freedom FM
    5. 92.50FM Mystery FM
    6. 94.20FM ABC Radio
    7. 94.60FM Pure FM
    8. 95.50FM Heartbeat
    9. 96.00FM Walkinstown Local Radio
    10. 96.60FM Mix 96
    11. 98.70FM Power FM
    12. 99.15FM Pulse FM link freq.
    13. 99.40FM Super Q
    14. 100.0FM Radio Dublin (30 years on air this month)
    15. 100.4FM Radio Sylvia
    16. 100.5FM Club FM link freq.
    17. 100.7FM Urban fm
    18. 101.8FM United Christian Broadcasters Satalite relay
    19. 102.5FM Radio Caroline North Dublin's Local Radio
    20. 102.9FM Real FM
    21. 102.9FM Rythem FM
    22. 103.2FM Pulse FM (see 99.1)
    23. 105.3FM Spectrum FM
    24. 105.3FM Jazz FM
    25. 105.7FM Mix 106
    26. 106.0FM D.L.R.
    27. 106.4FM Club FM (see 100.5)
    28. 106.9FM unid
    29. 107.0FM Energy link freq.
    30. 107.1FM X FM
    31. 107.5FM Spectrum link Freq. see 105.4

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    Legal Radio Listings

    Last update 14th. October 1996
    List of Legal radio stations broadcasting in the Dublin area. Local radio
    (ILR) is governed by the Independent Radio & Television Commision IRTC.  
    RTE Radio 1, 2FM, FM3 & Raidio na Gaelteacht are governed by the RTE 
    authority (the national public service broadcaster), and the stations with 
    Cablelink after the listing are piped to 250,000 homes in the Dublin area 
    by the licenced cable company CableLink (jointly owned by RTE & Telecom 
    Eireann the national Telecomunications company).
    Where a station has its own WWW page its hyperlinked, many ILR stations 
    have a basic web page at the IRTC site.

    Terrestrial Broadcasts

    1. 88.50FM RTE Radio 1 Three Rock
    2. 90.70FM 2FM Three Rock
    3. 92.90FM Raidio Na Gaelteacht / FM 3 Three Rock
    4. 97.40FM (ILR?) Hospital Radio Portrane
    5. 98.10FM (ILR) Classic Hits 98FM Three Rock
    6. 101.5FM (ILR) NEAR FM (North East Access Radio)
    7. 102.2FM (ILR) Raidio Na Life Three Rock
    8. 102.2FM (ILR) Dublin Weekend Radio Three Rock
    9. 103.8FM (ILR) Anna Livia Three Rock
    10. 104.4FM (ILR) FM104 Three Rock
    11. 104.9FM (ILR) Dublin South Community Radio
    12. 104.9FM (ILR) Dublin West Community Radio
    13. 106.7FM (ILR) 7 9 11 Radio (Dublin North West Comm. Radio)
    14. 107.4FM (ILR) Mater Hospital Radio
    15. 107.6FM (ILR) Beaumont Hospital Radio

    Cable Freq.

    1. 89.40FM RTE Radio 1 CableLink
    2. 90.10FM BBC Radio 2 CableLink
    3. 91.15FM Classic FM CableLink?
    4. 93.90FM Raidio Na Gaelteacht / FM 3 CableLink
    5. 91.70FM 2FM CableLink
    6. 92.30FM BBC Radio 3 CableLink
    7. 94.50FM BBC Radio Ulster CableLink
    8. 95.10FM BBC Radio 5 Live CableLink (Mono)
    9. 96.30FM BBC Radio 4 CableLink
    10. 97.10FM BBC World Service CableLink
    11. 99.00FM Classic Hits 98FM (ILR Dublin) CableLink
    12. 99.70FM BBC Radio 1 CableLink
    13. 101.1FM Radio Deutsche Welle CableLink
    14. 101.9FM Classic FM CableLink
    15. 102.7FM WRN CableLink
    16. 104.8FM (ILR Dublin) FM 104 CableLink

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    What's Hot

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    How to Contact Radio Caroline

    For on air info Tel. 353-1-8321 884

    To mail us write to:
    Radio Caroline
    c/o PRTC 24, Marlborough Street
    Dublin 1. Republic of Ireland.

    or E-Mail to:
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