Section 8

Transmission Proposal 106.8mHz

It is proposed to use the Rock Solid Transmission Limited transmission site on Three Rock for the transmission of the 106.8mHz signal.

Site location:

Three Rock County Dublin, national grid co-ordinates E317769 N223347.

Site height:

442 metres ASL.

Site details:

The tower is an Eve 60 metres high Type 5 Cellular Radio Tower on a bearing of 340o ETN. There is a secure concrete block building with an automatic start standby generator and a Transmission plant room 11.5m x 8.0m which is fitted with cable tray and mechanical ventilation plant. The radio stations 98FM, Lite FM and Anna Livia FM currently transmit from this site. There is a link repeater station between TV3 and RTE on the site. In addition Esat Digifone and Meteor use the facility for their SDH and local access network.

Height of antenna:

Centred at 20 metres AGL.

Maximum Indicative ERP (dBW):

V- 30.00V- 22.00V- 21.00V- 24.00V- 23.00V- 24.00
H- 30.00H- 22.00H- 21.00H- 24.00H- 23.00H- 24.00
V- 30.00V- 21.00V- 23.00V- 25.00V- 22.00V- 25.00
H- 30.00H- 21.00H- 23.00H- 25.00H- 22.00H- 25.00
V- 30.00V- 20.00V- 23.00V- 25.00V- 21.00V- 27.00
H- 30.00H- 20.00H- 23.00H- 25.00H- 21.00H- 27.0
V- 29.00V- 19.00V- 23.00V- 25.00V- 21.00V- 28.00
H- 29.00H- 19.00H- 23.00H- 25.00H- 21.00H- 28.00
V- 26.00V- 20.00V- 23.00V- 25.00V- 22.00V- 30.00
H- 26.00H- 20.00V- 23.00H- 25.00H- 22.00H- 30.00
V- 24.00V- 20.00V- 23.00V- 24.00V- 23.00V- 30.00
H- 24.00H- 20.00H- 23.00H- 24.00H- 23.00H- 30.00