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Maverick Posted - 8 March 2001 6:56

Why are no stations using humour to Image themselves? It's all BLAND with the same liner voices! e.g. Brian James on 98 FOR 5 years!!! -If it was my choice I'd refresh every 1-1/2 yrs. ..we had a guy here once...

Oh Really! Posted - 8 March 2001 17:48

Yeah! All the Pulse jingles KICKED ASS!!! I think Brian James's voice is ver bland and boring! CHANGE IT 98!!! Who does the FM104 Jingles?

MAGICIAN Posted - 9 March 2001 17:28

Magic is......want a few samples email the station and we can return some funnies that are on..... ...e.g. from the time when you had hair...



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Shining Light Posted - 13 March 2001 20:8

  Yer man that does the trailer for "The Emperor's New Groove" film. Amazing tones, warmth, clarity, punch ........ ok I'm getting wee bit carried away, but who is he?!

Shining Light Posted - 16 March 2001 18:19

Anyone? :o)


Shining Light Posted - 29 March 2001 4:46

  Calling Rusty, Andy Mattews, Kevin Brannigan or anyone in production - can you solve the above query? Thanks :-)


Shining Light Posted - 10 April 2001 23:55

  PLEASE .........FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! lol SL ;o)

mad fm Posted - 11 April 2001 8:54

check out over 200 vo artists + all the movie trailer guys

calimero Posted - 21 April 2001 17:11

It could be Patrick Warburton, if they're the same as the ones I heard on 96FM (*spit*).



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NUFFED Posted - 20 March 2001 16:1

Anybody know where I can get a cheap but good American VO Guy?


LvD Posted - 23 March 2001 23:24

Well, ok, it's a she (woman), but she's really good and cheap. Check for more information. Or use a search engine, you will find more then you can handle, I know, I've done it a couple of months ago !! All the best, Lex van Dijken


Tony Posted - 2 May 2001 22:37

Dear Nuffed, Bob Gallico is still in Dublin. If he's a little too 'mature', I'm sure he'd know someone else.


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Tea4Two Posted - 22 March 2001 21:19

Only going back a few years now, maybe 5, but I have to say the 2FM jingle package at that time was much more suited to that time than the current ones are to this time. I think SMcK and SY went over to get them done in Dallas. They were better produced than ould Mr. Nolan's. The current news intro/outro isn't too bad, but they need more effective jingles. J da Jingle Junkie!


Tea4Two Posted - 22 March 2001 21:21

Ohhh.... incase you're wondering... as far as I know, SMcK is working in the airline business now along with BL.


DeargDoom Posted - 22 March 2001 23:23

Jay, stop posting peoples bloody initials. We all know who you're talking about. Incidentally, Sean and Simon didn't go and get those packages. They were sourced by the (then) head of 2FM.


80s man Posted - 23 March 2001 10:6

  is Mr.Nolan Dusty Rhodes by any chance? is he doing all the jingles now for 2fm, does John Wells work for him?


Radio Presenter Posted - 24 March 2001 19:48

Yip Dusty Rhodes real name is Ivan Nolan!


DeargDoom Posted - 25 March 2001 1:17

Great...we know Dusty Rhodes real name. I'm so excited I'm gonna go have a ****. Lets have some REAL debate.. not some immature prattling about DJs real names.


Radio Presenter Posted - 25 March 2001 14:0

Tut tut. Obviously having a hour less in bed this morning has you gunning for all in sight today. No need to be so negative and immature yourself by bringing back traces of the old schoolboy board we had before! Someone wanted to know if Mr Nolan was Dusty Rhodes. I would have thought my response confirming this was not a problem. YOUR RESPONSE ADDED NOTHING. Now to get things back on track-I remember thinking how cool sounding the 2FM Jam song was when they relaunched. Now it sounds so old fashioned. I believe sung jingles have kept up to date with the times by sounding a lot less like jingles and more like songs. However I do think 98FM's Power Intros are very very weak and don't really cut through they way they should. For me one of the hottest packages was the Capital Radio(Dublin) resings of Z100's jingles. It must be one of the few sets of cuts that really stand the test of time. Edited by - Radio Presenter on 25/03/01 14:02:21


DeargDoom Posted - 25 March 2001 18:35

The real level of childishness is when we post up peoples real names. Lets move on here - who cares what the hell Tony Fentons name is (yes, you know what it is too). Lets have some proper for your points...I think the Capital resings were great. As for the best packages, I still loved the Energy 103 package, and the Jam package for Q102. I was never mad about the Alfasound stuff that RTE Radio 2 (and Sunshine) had. What do you think? Are sung jingles out of date today? Or do you think they're back in vogue (with stuff like power intros as well).


Tea4Two Posted - 26 March 2001 9:55

Dearg... The reason I used their initials is because I got a load of ****e off people before for using their names and didn't want the same again. Bill (the then head of 2FM) didn't really do much for the jingles package except get the money out of the kitty. I have to say, Dusty's production isn't as good as the older ones though, and I am not knocking him, because he is good at his job, but I prefer the sung package and the others from a few years ago. They were more effective and I think if they were more up to date now, they could go down really well. Its a pity no one is doing anything to get them back on the air. Regards, J.


Maverick Posted - 28 March 2001 6:55

Veronica FM's jingles are 10 times BETTER than anything ever heard in this country! 2FM had about 1 jingle that I "digged" ,it was "aaaa aaaa aaaa,Ireland's Music Machine(zap)NIGHTIME2FM" Their choice yet again of J.Wells was stoopid! - Shoulda got a fresher guy like Fly92's guy or Z100's chap or perhaps ME!!! ..we had a guy here once...


mad fm Posted - 10 April 2001 22:56

the z100 vo guy is dead, his name escapes me now. John wells is on retainer for 2fm and is market exclusive. they should go for something hip...dave hanson...sam o neil.. dusty does all the producing of the vo's... his work i would rate @ 60% good the most wanted sweeper seem to be a bit hotter than the rest???? i found a site that is sweeping john wells stuff pretty well with mp3 downloads as well are they produced in the U.S.


mad fm Posted - 10 April 2001 23:4

its strange web address but cool cool site also music 50/50


Polarbare Posted - 12 April 2001 11:12

A correction and supplementary info on the 2FM jingles. Supplementary: They're made by TM Century 21 in Dallas and are ordered from a showreel, formerly sent on reel by post latterly via ISDN direct. Correction: The John Wells v/os are NOW exclusive to 2FM for Ireland but that package was first used here by South East in Wexford, but they dropped it and went for an alternative one when 2FM bought the same package - SER had neglected to get an exclusive, which they have done since. Doesn't mean their jingles are any better, though.


R.Jay Posted - 8 May 2001 1:51

Not quite true .. with regard to the TM Century jingles. These were purchased in September 1989, the package was called Madison Avenue. In 1992 2FM purchased a number of cuts from the same set, two of these were already in use on SER. The cuts were infact for Ian Dempseyís Breakfast Show. The John Wells V/Os were dropped by SER after 3 years in favour of Larry Thompson who owns Thompson Creative in Dallas, his company have provided various jingles exclusively for SER since 1993.


Irish Mike Posted - 9 May 2001 0:3

So the Z100 v/o guy is dead, he's sounding pretty good for a dead guy!! To the best of my knowledge his name is Dave Foxx and he has a production company called Foxx on the run. He's also head of production at Z100. More details on him from As for the 2FM package, I agree that John Wells is not the ideal voice for the image that 2FM is trying to convey but I do think that Dusty is doing a pretty good job with the material he's given to work with.




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Shining Light Posted - 13 April 2001 4:13

  Here's an idea - who, in your opinion, are the very best VO artists ever? Here's some of mine (for now) Chuck Riley (more a movie trailer guy but excellent nonetheless) Ernie Anderson (Z100) Mitch Phillips Steve Cassidy (his Pulse ID's were better then the Energy VO's - or maybe the production was just better?) Ryan Chase (More Rock than HAC, but still rather good) Buffy O' Neil (One of the best female VO artists - is Energy 94 using her?) Bill Mitchell I'll post more over the weekend. What's your top 3? 5? 10? SL ;-) Edited by - shining light on 13/04/01 04:14:14


ARD Posted - 13 April 2001 17:43

Tony Allen - King of radio commercials and dry radio jingles in the 80s.

Maverick Posted - 13 April 2001 21:40

More Top VO guys... Sean ********,Charlie Van Dyk, Kerri Murphy(female UK)David Kaye, Bumper Morgan, Bill Merkle, Jim O'Neill, Hal Knapp .... ..we had a guy here once...

Shining Light Posted - 14 April 2001 1:15

  I forgot about Jim O' Neil. He really gives Today FM warmth and character doesn't he? SL ;-) Edited by - shining light on 21/05/01 23:13:24


Maverick Posted - 14 April 2001 2:24

Does anyone remember Jim on NOVA? I've got a copy of his master spool for "Irelands overnight network" from the very early nineties. The Today Fm stuff certainly does sound warm but I'd be inclined to get more new liners from Jim. ..we had a guy here once...

Shining Light Posted - 17 April 2001 19:48

  Any more? SL :-)


ARD Posted - 18 April 2001 20:7

Tommy Vance and Steve Gordon.


Tony Posted - 2 May 2001 22:52

Thank you ARD for the compliment but I would dispute the 'ever' bit. For me the best ever was Orson Welles. Next up is Patrick Allen. Tony


ARD Posted - 21 May 2001 23:8

Tony, your contributions to Irish radio during the 80s were a work of art, you could say leg****ry. There's nothing comparable on the radio today. Todayís crop of radio ads, promos and jingles are, with the odd exception, are unoriginal and very, very boring, in my opinion.


Patrick J Posted - 31 May 2001 1:29

Have to agree with ard, Tony Allen was indeed the best V/O artist in Ireland during the eighties and i got some of his work to prove it. If you see this Tony the names Pat Thornton (radio name) from Nova, Fahan, Co Donegal Good luck to you tony


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djrobross Posted - 3 June 2001 11:10

OK Iím bored , and I came in here, and I noticed nobody's writing about jingles so I thought I would start a trend goin! OK heres one liners I can remember- If you have more, add them on. Ill mention mine first from the days of Xtreme FM.

Xtreme 101 - The Hotter Mix or South Dublinís Number 1 Hit Music Station

Freedom 92: Dublin's Premier Chart Music Station

Energy 94: Your 94 or Dublin's Dance Radio

Pulse FM: The music for the millennium generation or Touch that dial and we'll shoot this puppy

Sunset: Dublinís Dance Factory

Lite FM: Dublin's New 102.2 (How annoying is that NEW?!?)

2FM: The Big Station, or

Hit Radio Nova - Clutter free Radio Nova ow my heads beginning to hurt now,

98FM- classic hits, Dublinís best music mix

FM104- Were just the dogs, or Dublinís FM104 ok thats all I can think of, your task is to think of more and think of ones suitable for Spin FM coming on air etc! Best Wishes to ALL guard your grill! Rob


DeargDoom Posted - 3 June 2001 23:13

RTE Radio 2 - cominatcha! The Greatest Hits of All Time - FM104 (or was it Rock at that point?) The Red Hot Sound of Sunshine 101 Sunshine 101 - its so much better Sunshine 101 - superstereo Clutter Free Nova Nova - playing your favourites


ARD Posted - 4 June 2001 22:1

Radio Annabel, where the music is great! Sunshine, AM and FM. Radio Nova playing all over Dublin now, now, now! D.C.R., giving you so much more.


Liam Coburn Posted - 15 June 2001 23:57

I can't believe someone actually remembered Radio Annabel!!!! I spent many happy months there! Here's a few more for the list: Finally Real Rock'n'Roll for Dublin - Rock 104 Capital 104.4FM Dublinís Number 1 Dublin's better music mix Classic hits 98FM Sunshine 101 It's so much better Better Music Q102 Edited by - Liam Coburn on 15/06/01 23:59:32


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mad fm Posted - 15 April 2001 14:51

what do you use where do you use it brown bag sfx are hot, also radioactive noise, the toolkit, digitizers or do you use your workstation to create your own, coolpro, sound forge or protools


kariba Posted - 16 June 2001 22:41

Wavelab 3.03d + Waves 3.0 Gold plugs they do a very nice job on a PIII 733 with SbLive Platinum with Emu APS drivers.

PAUL_LONG Posted - 19 July 2001 12:18

like your new jingles / liners think thats what their called madfm93.2 have u got an e-mail madfm where did you get them and are they expensive to get made or what is the best software or sampler or audio equipment to use...

Ricky D Posted - 8 March 2001 11:47

Does everyone remember the Pulse Fm jingles? I thought they sounded really good and professional. Plus they were made in Ireland and Dublin people said the lines. This sounded better than the prefabricated ones they use on Energy 94 Fm now.

Bí Dearfach sa Saol!


Maverick Posted - 8 March 2001 17:41

Yes, the final set of liners they got done were nice."or the puppy gets it" is one classic Pulse 103 liner. I remember when they kicked off in '95 and were playing the Qcuts package from Jam "THE PULSE" -actually from The Pulse of West Yorkshire, The local radio station to the residents of Beckindale and Emmerdale Farm - God that Chloe would soo get it from me!!!!!

..we had a guy here once...


Pierce Posted - 9 March 2001 9:28

is there any good jingle sites on the net?


Phono Plug Posted - 9 March 2001 18:39

Sunsets was: Dublinís Dance Factory, Sunset FM

Hot 107's was : Dublinís Dance Varity, from European to Trance, Ragga to Pop, Dublins Dance Varity, Hot 107 FM

Mix 106: Dublins Dance Mix, Mix 106 FM

Theree should be a site for all of these, any chance of that happening???

Phono Plug


DeargDoom Posted - 9 March 2001 19:31

Phono Plug, you seem to get your facts wrong quite a lot.

The real (Andy and Garys) HOT 107 was "DUBLINS COOLEST DANCE MUSIC". When the other fella bought it it became "Nothing But Hits".

And on a related note, Tracey is now in SOUTH EAST, not East Coast. Theres about 80 miles and 40 percentage points in the difference. And she is not a manager - she is the highly rated presenter of the evening time "Power FM".


DJR Posted - 9 March 2001 23:41

Here Here!


Mod2 Posted - 10 March 2001 5:17

Sunset liners has 3 sets, one by Darragh O Dea, one by Timmy Hannigan and the other one I cant remember. 'DUBLIN COOLEST DANCE MIX HOT 107FM' was also done by Darragh, and so was the 2nd generation of Pulse liners before the American v/o.



DeargDoom Posted - 10 March 2001 21:38

Sunset had quite a few. The very first ones in 1991 were voiced by Dave lonegan (Rob Davis on NSR - he was also on Q95).

Gary did some himself - as did Daragh Roberts, the Gazman (on 95fm now). Tim Hannigan also did a package - and the presenters used to often have drops that they'd use (Barry Dunne used a Rick O Shea v/o!!!!!).

Hot 107 (the real one) had two packages - both voiced by Dara, and they both sounded quite alike. The second package was a secondary one (liners for drivetime etc).

Dara refused to let the new owners of Hot 107 use the packages, so they voiced their own with Chris ****** and ***** Scanlan.

Dara then went on to do v/os for the Pulse.


Maverick Posted - 14 March 2001 4:51

he best of the PulseFM103 stuff was the Bill Mitchell Dry liners and The excellently produced Steve Cassidy Liners. This was the first time I've heard a 90's pirate churn out stuff that left all others behind.

The only good Sunset Liner was the "SunsetFM MUUUSSIIC" sweeper!! It was a pitched down voice and quite simply and cheaply produced yet highly effective. Their montages were quite good too. I liked the one which featured The time frequency(90's Dance Act from Scotland)

AAAAHH lest we forget Mike Ormonde's Top of the hour on Kiss103"Broadcasting from Dublin on 103.2Fm in Stereo...."


DeargDoom Posted - 14 March 2001 19:5

Sunset had some good Tim Hannigan kinda sonovox effects that they used towards the end of the stations reign.

The Pulse sweepers were okay - and I thought that Daras v/os for Hot were good as well - particularly the stutters. There were about 30 different cuts, so that you could always find one to match the intro time of the next record!


sarah baybay Posted - 23 May 2001 3:5

Ok by all means stop me if Iím wrong here, but the jingles on 94fm are made in Dublin and the lines are spoken by Irish ppl. at least so i was led to believe ................

come on

bring it on baybay


djrobross Posted - 6 July 2001 23:16

Yeah and no there is some energy jingles made by ppl here in Ireland, I heard the names, but I forget, then they get ost of them from the states, you know by the voices really.

I'll find out the names again if you want


buddy kisser Posted - 7 July 2001 4:55

Rob in fairness, what the f*ck would you know about the goings on in Energy or any other radio station for that matter? Couldnít even hold your your drink together at the pulse reunion I heard, not that you were invited either!!


DeargDoom Posted - 7 July 2001 19:40

Aah, was he there? I wanted to meet him! After all, I've read about his unbelievable radio career on his website.


radiocreep Posted - 8 July 2001 0:6

didnít the pizzaman from Atlantic 252 do some vo's for pulse? I heard them a couple of times on air and they were pretty effective and fresh.

Sperminator2 Posted - 8 July 2001 19:2

hmmm..- interesting that. Not sure I ever heard those liners. When were they played? I thought they only used the one v/o guy?

Do you have any more info on who would have a copy of those or what they were used for.

I'm rackin my brains - it's been 2 years!

hmmmm ..

DeargDoom Posted - 8 July 2001 22:18

As you'd know, Pizza did them for Jeff Brookes.


radiocreep Posted - 9 July 2001 22:18 I remember them , they were Id's for Jeff brookes , and again , pretty good by my memory , and if you are out there , Jeff , do you still have a have copies of same?


Sperminator2 Posted - 10 July 2001 6:15

Deargdoom,the boys will be waitin' for u as promised one of these dayz...(with their shooters cocked and the windows blacked in).

As you can't run very fast - they'll get u!!


And it's NOTHING 2 DO WITH ME!!!

Happy now ?

hmmmm ..


DeargDoom Posted - 10 July 2001 22:28

With a name like Sperminator, I thought it was you chasing the boys!

Don't you worry about me, I'm big enough and bold enough to look after myself (and haven't you been promising my imminent death for quite some time now?)


Sperminator Posted - 11 July 2001 21:24

just a wee word there , old Dergy !

sperminator2 is an imposter of the real sperminator , me! , I havenít a clue who it is (like I donít know who you are or anybody else on this forum for that matter).

His comments and those posted by him , bear no attachemnt to my goodself and my charachter on this board ,

please note that!



DeargDoom Posted - 11 July 2001 22:6

sorry about that Sperm - but I know full well who Sperm2 is - I didn't mean to associate you with his ravings!


TDredI Posted - 12 July 2001 2:20

Yes,and we all know each other it seems!!

In an ideal world we would all live happily ever after.

But some people just wouldn't let it lie.

"Dearg" your lies,threats and twisted opinions will continue to haunt me for many a year,thanks(not).


TDredI Posted - 12 July 2001 3:6

By the way, I know full well who "Deargdoom" is. Apologies to Sperminator and Nuff' respect mate, it seems you were offended by my use of the sperminator copyrighted title!!!

After all the garbage "dearg" posted re:me over the years - I reckon it's time for him to get a taste of his own medicine.

Anyone who practises imtimidation is not right in the head.

Check ur "annie" e:mail Barry, u got mail.


Mod2 Posted - 12 July 2001 12:24

No threatening behaviour please, back to the point of this thread.


Radio Anoraks


DeargDoom Posted - 12 July 2001 18:37

Sperm2/Tredi. Name the time and the place. I'll be there old friend.


Sperminator Posted - 13 July 2001 21:6

no girls , back to the gossip and opinions and stop swinging your handbags!


larwright Posted - 14 July 2001 6:49

Ok.... the facts in Energy regarding production. To Ricky D.... firstly i will say that the package I think your talking about from Pulse, was the one voice by Darragh Roberts.

If this is the case, you're right about them being voiced and produced in Ireland.

Now... the bit that p*ssed me off was what you said about "the pre-fabricated ones Energy use".

Alot of time and effort, and i mean alot (anyone who knows me will tell you that) goes into producing those so called "pre-fabricated" liners.

They're voiced in the States and ALL (Take Note!!!!) production is carried out here by myself and one or two others in Energy, so that blows a hole in your comment.

I'd also like to set you a challenge to see if you can do better. You may (along with alot of others) think they're crap, but a well known "Irish Radio Imaging Company" says you're wrong... because I get the work.

I would also like Rob Ross to read the above, and take some advise. Rob, do yourself a favour and back off... I know your enthusiastic, but come on for gods sake! At this moment in time, your reputation is worse that ***s, so stop annoying people. There's one thing going to something like the Pulse reunion, but bringing a camera is taking the p*ss. The people that were there were out for a reason, to have a good time and meet up with people they hadn't seen in a while. They didnít need some "STAR STRUCK TEENAGER" to flash a camera in the faces. They are ordinary people trying to have a good time, so I would suggest the next time you leave the camera and autograph book at home.

Thats all I have to say... thank you for reading and no doubt my production will now get slated but I felt I had to set the record straight about what i see as the best production on a pirate in Dublin today! I know self praise is no praise, but please.... just tune around and open your ears!

Lar Wright,

Energy 94 Dublin.

Edited by - larwright on 7/14/01 6:50:55 AM


DeargDoom Posted - 16 July 2001 1:3

Its also worth mentioning that Energys production is done without the big budgets of the legit operators - who spend many thousands of pounds a year on music/gadgets and various imaging tools.

I think they do a pretty good job all things considered.


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Mike Posted - 11 March 2001 14:0

Anyone know where I can get it on mp3 (preferably without the skip or the one-sided stereo) ?


DeargDoom Posted - 11 March 2001 18:10

I know a few people in the commercial radio world with the JAM song on CD. They issued a 'compilation' of their best Z100 and Kiss packages a few years ago - and the Jam song was included on it (I think). I know that Pete Reed also has a proper copy of it!


Pierce Posted - 12 March 2001 2:37

Napster has it I think its the one you are looking for. Maybe that is of help to you


Mike Posted - 12 March 2001 21:25

Ive tried Napster but all it gives me is some godawful christmas song called "the jingle bell jam song" :-(


Radio Presenter Posted - 17 March 2001 11:12

If you to Steve England's website and send him an email, he'll give you details on how to purchase the history of JAM CD which contains the JAM song.


Radio Mad Posted - 20 July 2001 1:44

If you like your bread buttered on both sides you'll love the jam song.