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| Nostalgia | DUBLIN FM BANDSCAN 2-2-1992

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DeargDoom Posted - 17 April 2001 20:26

This may bring back some memories to the older anoraks on this board. Its a bandscan from Feb. 1992 Its pirates only btw, but for the record, Century had closed - there was NO community radio and the two local stations were CLASSIC HITS 98FM and ROCK 104!!

106.8 Sunset FM - Sandyford - Weekends - 25w
106.0 DLR - Monkstown - 7 day - 250w
105.5 CapitalFM/Sunset relay - Blackrock - weekends - 5watts
105.3 Radio City - Glasnevin - occasional - 20watts
105.1 NSR 105 - Stillorgan - Weekends - 10watts
105.0 UNID SIGNAL - Ballymun - 30watts
103.9 Laser FM - Drimnagh - Occasional - 15watts
103.7 Hot 103 - Glasnevin - occasional - 30 watts
103.4 Solar FM - Lucan - occasional
103.2 Coast FM - Ballybrack - Weekends - 25watts
102.5 ALTR - FM Glasnevin - 25watts - testing
102.2 Radio Caroline/Surburban 102 - Sutton - evenings only - 25watts
102.2 Magic Music Radio - Cabra - testing
101.7 and 99.4 Radio Dublin - Inchicore - 7 days
100.5 EFM - Stillorgan - 5 watts - testing

aphextwin Posted - 18 April 2001 22:43 that does bring back some memories. tnx



| Nostalgia | The HOT HIT Format - Sunshine vs Super Q

DeargDoom Posted - 19 April 2001 23:11

Heres another one for discussion. In 1986 Sunshine Radio went 'hot hits' under the direction of Bill Cunningham. The format was slated by anoraks, but the station rocketed to number one in the ratings. Two years on, Q102 hired Bill Cunningham to their station, where he rebranded them as "Super Q102" and basically brought the Hot Hit format to the Q. However, Q102 under Bill l did not enjoy anything close to the success of Sunshine 101. Critics of Bills "Hot Hit" format have in the past paned the format for taking away from the DJ - 5 second links were the norm on both Super Q and Sunshine. Both stations had similar on-air AND street promotion (Instant requests etc), and the music was pretty similar on both stations. So! Why was Super Q such a failure and Sunshine such a success? Even by the end of 1988 Sunshine was still extremely highly rated. Did Q make a mistake going down the hot hit path? Or were Sunshine beatable? What would you have done if you were Q? Why didn't Super Q work? I look forward to some interesting responses and ideas.

Maverick Posted - 20 April 2001 1:34

The answer is:TIME WILL TELL. ..we had a guy here once...

DeargDoom Posted - 20 April 2001 17:4


Radio Presenter Posted - 22 April 2001 10:20

I think you hit the nail on the head when you asked was it because Q didn't go down the Hot Hit route. Remember what Sunshine was and then became---a big difference and something to make you go 'oh whow' as opposed to when Q relaunched a sounded not much different from the way they were and playing the SAME music. When Greg G did the first link on the 'New' Super Q, I thought he sounded bored and when I met him a few weeks later he said he was!!!!!!!!! That lack of energy appeared thru all dayparts. I wonder if the format was carbon copied today onto a station (complete with 5 second links and minus the 20 % news/current affairs) how would it do in the ratings? The nearest we'll ever get to it is when Spin comes on---I hope. Edited by - Radio Presenter on 22/04/01 10:24:47

ARD Posted - 22 April 2001 16:26

These formats took the fun out of radio. Q and Sunshine were very reasonable stations up until then. Maybe it's my age, but wasn't radio more fun and entertaining back in the old days. It could also be my dislike of so called dance music, rap or dj's like Rick O'Shea. I can't believe the adoration he gets on the various threads on this site. I'm sorry, but I don't rate him at all. Every time he opens his mouth it sounds like somebody is trying to strangle him. Anyway, let him stay with FM104, go to 98FM or 2FM. I don't listen to these "radio stations" and won't have to listen to him. Sunshine and Q before the Hot Hits crap were both far superior.

Radio Presenter Posted - 22 April 2001 17:41

I thought Hot Hits Sunshine 101 injected lots of fun and personality into a tired old sound! However to my ears Super Q sounded no different when it re-launched. Edited by - Radio Presenter on 22/04/01 17:42:02

ARD Posted - 22 April 2001 18:7

It's just occurred to me that Sunshine introduced their "Hot Hits" formula by playing the same song over and over again at around 5pm in one evening. The aforementioned Bill Cunningham was on air at the time. Even though I hated the format I appreciated this gimmick. Now what was the song in question, anyone know, because I can't remember?

DeargDoom Posted - 22 April 2001 18:22

Hi ARD. I was a big fan of the Hot Hit format. I think the problem that radio people had with it was that it didn't broadcast to them. If the format was so bad, why was it that Hot Hit Sunshine had so many more listeners afterwards than beforehand? We also had a situation where the station that the anoraks loved (the Q) was getting slaughtered by Bills format. I didn't like Super Q too much, but I think you're being extremely unfair on the format, and also on Rick O Shea. Despite your dislike of him, the man has a very successful track record - I hate to say it, but perhaps you're too old to appreciate him? After all, your parents probably hated Dr. Dons on air style in the 70's!!


ARD Posted - 22 April 2001 18:29

You could be right, maybe I'm told old for that sort of thing. I would agree, commercially, Sunshine did very well after the transformation, but I hated it. Musically, I like stuff from the super seventies and first half of the eighties. I still believe radio tended to me that much blander from the late eighties to the present day. There are exceptions of course.

Radio Presenter Posted - 22 April 2001 22:39

My memory isn't the best on Sunshine's actual relaunch. Was it not Pat Courtney who was on air at 5pm and the song repeated over and over was called 'Roses'????????? Help required on the artist please.

DeargDoom Posted - 22 April 2001 22:53

The song was some awful novelty rap record with samples of cartoons on it - "Bang Zoom Lets Go" - by the Real Roxanne ... I think.

Arnold Posted - 23 April 2001 13:11

Thanks for that DD All I could remember about that record was that it ended with 'The rabbit kicks the bucket' being repeated over and over. I asked on the board before if anyone knew, but no luck. I shall sleep easier tonight!

ARD Posted - 23 April 2001 15:42

That's right, `the rabbit kicked the bucket', a bloody awful song. I still think Bill Cunningham presented, but can't be sure, maybe it was Pat Courtney.

Radio Presenter Posted - 24 April 2001 21:33

I think DD is bang on the money with the name of the song. Also confirms my memory isn't as good as it used to be used to be be be be be. Did I just say something?!:-)

Mike Posted - 29 April 2001 15:25

Wasn't living in Dublin at the time but the song might have been "Roses" by Heyward Just a wild guess



| Nostalgia | Early 80's Radio Rainbow

Does anybody remember a station in the early to mid 80's called Radio Rainbow? To the best of my knowledge, it was run by Paul Martin/Hesse and broadcast on 104fm.


| Nostalgia | 2FM relaunch in 1989.

This was when they first got G O'C, the John Wells v/o's, Scottie, and generally they sounded well for that time period in my opinion. Discuss!!! ..we had a guy here once...

north sea day tripper Posted - 8 March 2001 20:38


Someone once told me that if G O'C had not gone into radio, he wanted to become a Priest !!!. Is this true or false ???.

Radio Presenter Posted - 8 March 2001 22:3

True ! - He trained to be a priest.

Bob@Acts Posted - 25 May 2001 10:6


VERY TRUE!!! Apparently, he went to that College in Ireland (I cant remember the name) where the priests study :o) He left the place before he made any commitment though.


Nostalgia | Energy 103

Oh Really! Posted - 12 March 2001 22:20

Any info on Energy 103?? DJ's, Schedule, Tech Details e.g. Transmitter Power, Studio Equipment, Mountain Site, Compressors etc.

Maverick Posted - 13 March 2001 1:37

mmm!! Breakfast: Pat Courtenay, Lisa Moore(Fionnuala Sweeney)and Bob Gallico. Mid-mornings:Tony McKenzie

Afternoons: Colm Hayes Drive: Cass Jones/Gareth O'Callaghan

Evenings: John O'Hara with "Schools Out" (sponsored by Club Orange) Overnights/Late:Ernie Gallagher/Various Energy jocks were: Liam Coburn, Liam Quigley, Gary Hamill, Gerry Stevens, Tim Kelly, Sybil Fennel did "Dublin Tonight" -current affairs magazine prog. That's all for now folks!! -I remember it as a cracking-good radio station! ..we had a guy here once...

Edited by - Maverick on 13/03/01 01:39:29


Shining Light Posted - 20 March 2001 23:5

!!! Now that's what I call a line up ;) Am I right in saying Energy was Carey's last Dublin station (excluding Radio Nova Europe)? My memories of those teenage years are a little hazy


Irish Mike Posted - 27 March 2001 19:17

Energy suffered from one problem; It was the successor to Radio Nova and was expected to live up to the Nova reputation. If it had been accepted on it's own merits I think it might have done somewhat better in the marketplace. It emerged at a time when Dublin's other two "SuperPirates" were calling their jocks silly names and having them shout at the top of their lungs (very intimate!). Energy had personality and a great team. For all his faults (i.e. being an arrogant s**t) Pat Courtney was a terrific breakfast jock. BTW Does anyone know what he's up to now? Is this thing on?


DeargDoom Posted - 27 March 2001 19:38

In fairness, only Sunshine 101 had gone down the hot hits route when Energy 103 signed on. Q102 didn't go to that format till summer 1988, at which stage Energy had already closed down. Sadly, Sunshine had people's imaginations at that stage. Maybe had Q102 not been there, Energy could've capitalised more on the people who didn't like the 4 second link format. Energy suffered from the 'son of Nova' syndrome - a fact that management didn't help by calling it the sound of Nova for the first few months. Then we had the name change back to Nova - just when that looked like it was going places they changed back to Energy! Still, they were a much better operation than the Q at the time ... and Pat Courtenay was genius on brekkie!

Maverick Posted - 28 March 2001 17:56

Pat Courtenay's @ Classic Hits 90FM,NZ (doing Drive) Pat,Bob and Lisa - 10 times funnier than current breakfast menus on the Dublin FM Dial. ..we had a guy here once...

DeargDoom Posted - 28 March 2001 20:46

Nope - he's not at Classic Hits 90FM anymore - he got the bullet.

Shining Light Posted - 29 March 2001 4:26

Pat is a free agent!!!!! !!!!! ! Sorry, got carried away there :-) Can you imagine Pat on Greg's old 104 slot?! MMmmmmmmmm Possibly the best DJ these ears have heard on Irish radio.

Maverick Posted - 30 March 2001 4:39

-Sorry 2 hear about Pat's misfortune. I also enjoyed himself and Elaine on 98 Breakfast. He has to have been doing something right to get "the bullet" -Only the good die young etc. ..we had a guy here once...


The Real Stuttering John Posted - 30 March 2001 17:27

energy 103 was the best pirate of the 80s in my own opinion(sorry nova fans). Maybe Nova was more professional but I enjoyed the fun and the energy from 103 especially shows like Pat Courtney’s free party on a Sat night, John o' Hara talking dirty with schools out or even Black music Fridays wow........and of course the best brekkie show ever with Pat Courtney, Bob Gallico and Lisa Moore . Pulse 103 or kiss 103 the best of the 90s in Dublin. Maybe Anna Livia 103 will be the best of the 00's!!!!! The best always seemed to appear on/around 103 and now the irtc have ruined it all AGAIN>>


DeargDoom Posted - 11 April 2001 23:49

the best always do appear on 103FM - after all, that was the original frequency for Sunset FM in 1991. Then Coast had for its current occupants, well, em....


tony mckenzie Posted - 25 April 2001 15:11

Amazing to hear all you guys talking about Energy 103 after all this time. It's weird because at the time we got little or no feedback as to how it sounded, other than the comparison to NOVA! Keep talking!!!

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Shining Light Posted - 25 April 2001 21:9

Holy s h i t! It's Tony McKenzie!!! Or is it??? Hmmmmmmmmmmm SL :-)

Maverick Posted - 26 April 2001 2:3

Tony,103 was thee station to listen to for me in those 86/87/early'88 days. Thanks for the memories. I really wish it could be on air today in Dublin. ..we had a guy here once...

tony mckenzie Posted - 27 April 2001 15:42

Glad you enjoyed 103 I certainly did. I have to say I miss doing radio in Ireland even after all these years. I sometimes listen to tapes of the stuff we did and I believe that it would give most stations around today, in Britain and Ireland, a good hiding.


tony mckenzie Posted - 27 April 2001 15:43

P.S. It really is me!


Sean Brady Posted - 27 April 2001 22:5

Energy Power 103 was the station of the 1980s as far as I'm concerned. The presentation was first class, the signal was strong in my part of the world (north Meath / south Cavan) and the presenters were entertaining. I have a website at and I am presently working on a page dedicated to Energy Power 103. If anyone has any Energy 103 logos that they would like to share with me, I would be more than delighted to use them on the page and acknowledge where I obtained them. Regards, Sean Brady

ghostrider Posted - 29 April 2001 5:38

F_ck ME!! Tony McKensie!! Tony, What ever happened to some of the other NRG jocks such as Richard Jackson and Alan Burns? What happened to Ernie Gallagher after East Coast Radio?


Shining Light Posted - 29 April 2001 8:36

And how about Cassidy Jones, or was he Nova? Wahoo - THE Tony McKenzie! (If the is a wind up I'll personally kill the f_cker responsible, LOL) SL :o) Edited by - shining light on 29/04/01 08:40:53


Radio Presenter Posted - 29 April 2001 11:7

Ghostrider, Alan Burns is now David Andrews and has been working at Capital Gold in London for years. Prior to that he worked at Chiltern's 'The Hot FM'. You can hear him on the Digital satellite radio platform Mid Mornings. Edited by - Radio Presenter on 29/04/01 11:25:42


Tony Posted - 2 May 2001 22:24

A chap called Michael Mahon wrote a Communications Course Project paper dated November 21 1986 when he was studying at Colaiste Dhulaigh. He then produced an update on July 24 1987. Excellent pieces of work and I still have copies of them. I have no idea what happened to him... so if you are out there Michael, get in touch. I shall always remember Energy with a great deal of affection. It was vastly different to Nova and its intimacy could be heard on the air. One of my treasured pieces of memorabilia (and I don't keep many)is a promotional biro. It's plastic but looks like wood and is square in shape. On opposite sides are the Energy Power 103 and Club Orange logos; on the other two sides are rulers: one in centimetres, the other in inches (only 6 inches, which I thought wasn't really enough.). I think it was given away as part of school promotions. Tony Allan. P.S. From what I've heard on the web, most of the stations there sound as they do here - ****e!!!!!


The Real Stuttering John Posted - 3 May 2001 13:41

Sean, your site and history of energy 103 is fantastic and of kiss Monaghan also well done John


Tim Kelly Posted - 13 May 2001 16:23

It's great to see so much interest in energy 103 still....I have to say that there was a real magic about that station.

ghostrider Posted - 13 May 2001 17:55

I think that most people around their 30s remember and loved what was Nova, as for some of us younger people around late 20s Energy was our station. Does anyone remember the preceding station before NRG, which was Zoom103! that lasted how long? I remember going on Schools out with John O'Hara in the mid 80s and thinking this was the best job in the world, probably the best experience of my life! (and Doris was no-where in the building! )


Liam Coburn Posted - 14 May 2001 10:35

It really is good to see so many people remembering Energy so fondly. I had a great time there and learned a lot from people like Pat Courtney, Tony McKenzie and Tony Allan. As a young jock (19) it was fantastic to work with some of the "big names" of the day. One of my happiest memories was towards the end; I got to cover breakfast for a week and working alongside Bob Gallico was a delight (when I listen back to tapes of it I was pretty ropey but Bob being the true pro carried me!). Well done Sean on a great online history, although I never actually worked at ERI in Cork. I came to Energy from Boyneside in Drogheda. Also nice to see other Energy people on here, BTW Tim, I'm in Dublin for a few days next month so e-mail me and we'll meet up for a pint and a chat about the good old days :)


Mickey Mulla Posted - 16 May 2001 18:38

Ah the days gentlemen, the days. Although I remember Nova well, my memories of the great Energy 103 are my fondest. Great to hear so many mentions of John O' Hara's excellent 'Schools Out' programme. I've never heard another evening gig that has matched it. Courtenay's breakfast show was the best I ever heard, although I enjoyed Cassidy's too - even if he didn't have the same rappore with Bob as Pat did. Energy also introduced me to DMC mixes for the first time. Wasn't Joan Mythen (Irish dmc agent) involved with the station? I remember calling to her house on the Stillorgan road to pick up some DMC vinyl and seeing loads of Energy stickers & diaries stacked in her study. I never did have the balls to ask her for some memorabilia. Anybody who knew her will understand why! Lets have some stories from Tony, Liam & Tim and anyone else who worked or listened to one of the finest if not thee finest pirate of the 80's

southcoast194 Posted - 16 May 2001 20:28

Just found some "new" Energy clips (well, they weren't there last month) on the Early 80's Radio Page... sure those jingles still sound good even today. Ahhh Ha ! There's even some Classic Colm Hayes there now as well.... Edited by - Southcoast194 on 16/05/01


Radio Mad Posted - 21 May 2001 23:0

Excuse my ignorance, I thought this station was called N.R.G. (Nova regenerated)? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Bob@Acts Posted - 25 May 2001 9:50

Initially the did call themselves NRG (Well, their News bulletins anyway), I thought NRG stood for Nova Radio Group, as the station was set up by many ex-Nova employees.

optimod Posted - 25 May 2001 20:25

It was actually a take off of NRJ in France, where the J is pronounced as G.


| Nostalgia | Dublin South FM (104.9)

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Cheeky Chic ! Posted - 27 May 2001 20:48

Has anyone tuned into the Drivetime show on Dublin South fm ......with Donna Lyons ? Its on from 5pm - 6.30pm ? What do yere think of it ?????? Cheeky chic ;-)


DeargDoom Posted - 27 May 2001 23:4

I think that you should stop cross posting blatant plugs for your show (is that spam?!) all over this site.

Kelly Jones Posted - 28 May 2001 3:46

I happen to know that this girl is one of the nicer people in radio and any spam wasn't intended. Chill Dearg


| Nostalgia | 80's Radio, on the radio NOW

aphextwin Posted - 24 March 2001 11:42

Discovered a great flashback to 80's radio, and the music of that decade. TCR 107.2 present a two hour programme simply called "80s RADIO" every Wednesday at 6pm. They play some great gems, and it compliments the work Sun FM are doing, and I must admit sounds better that the show from "Tim Kelly Tower" each Friday night.

DeargDoom Posted - 25 March 2001 1:14 Is it as good as "Backtracks" on 98FM every Sunday night? Let’s face it...every station in town is doing the 80's....

Gary Posted - 26 March 2001 3:34

Self praise is no praise

Maverick Posted - 27 March 2001 6:9

I couldn't agree more WHOLEHEARTEDLY. ..we had a guy here once...

DeargDoom Posted - 27 March 2001 19:39

Wrong person. Must try harder! For the record, I'm a Gem 88 fm fan.

Gary Posted - 27 March 2001 22:11

Nah I'm right, but let's leave it at that eh? :)

Radio Mad Posted - 30 May 2001 23:41

Premier, Gem and Sun do the oldies better than any of the legals. Today FM 70s on a Saturday night was great and what did they do, yes like all good programmes they pulled it. Thanks for the three above for plugging the gap.

ARD Posted - 10 July 2001 0:54

FM104 used to have a good 70s show on Saturday nights. It was some years ago and well before Today FM had theirs, if my memory is correct.

DeargDoom Posted – 10 July 2001 22:25

FM104 used to do the Guinness "Back to Black" show. There was a lot of rock stuff on that - then they replaced it with "Saturday Night Fever" - classic disco and fairly new dance stuff.

ARD Posted - 11 July 2001 0:17

Yes, the Guinness sponsored programme, that was it. Great show! Thanks for jogging my memory.


| Nostalgia | Cavan Pirates

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Sean Brady Posted - 3 June 2001 22:7

Does anyone, anywhere, have recordings of the December 1988 closedowns of the following Cavan pirates - Breffni Radio, Cavan Community Radio and Erneside Radio. If you do, or you know of someone who does, is there any chance of receiving copies? Any replies and/or assistance would be very much appreciated.


| Nostalgia | 1988 Donegal pirates

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North West Listener Posted - 28 May 2001 14:38

Going back 13 years to 1988, the following stations were all broadcasting from Co. Donegal: Radio Nova, Fahan – 98.2 FM, changed to 98.9 FM during 1988 and eventually in stereo – One of the best stations for music there has ever been around here – A follow-on from the Derry-based pirate City Sound Radio (CSR had a good reception on 98.3 FM in 1986 - The home of BBC Radio 1 in the city since about May 1990!) which moved to Fahan in Autumn 1986 and renamed itself as Radio Nova 2 (99FM in Fahan, 1323 MW over a much wider area - I don't think it could be picked up on FM in Derry initially, but I think it was broadcasting on 98.3 FM to Derry by the end of 1986, although with a poor sound quality). In early 1987 it became simply Radio Nova. Around this time the MW frequency changed to 1287 MW and the FM frequency became 98.2 FM. Eventually the MW was dropped, leaving 98.2 FM as its home. Around April 1987 the sound quality on 98.2 FM was vastly improved (only broadcasting in mono). During 1986 and the first half of 1987, it went off-air for quite lengthy durations of time (Even for weeks at a time!). After a long time off-air as CSR in 1986, one presenter then used Simple Minds' 'Alive and Kicking' as his signature music at the start and finish of his show, and said that for all those who thought that CSR would never be back, that the station was now alive and kicking! After another long spell off-air (This time as Radio Nova), it came back on around June 1987, and over that summer the schedule became a lot better filled. Live broadcasts continued for a while until 3 a.m. and a country show was in the schedule during that summer (apart from this, the music was mostly pop). It was always good for music (including as CSR) but became a lot more catchy over time with good jingles and ad's –Main audience in Derry and Buncrana but also reached places like Milford in Co. Donegal. North West Community Radio (NWCR), Main Street, Buncrana –1116 MW, 103.5 FM – Out of all the local pirate stations that were on-air in 1988, NWCR was the oldest, but I don't know the exact date it started - Wide variety of programmes – Main audience over north Donegal, Derry, perhaps other places. Donegal Community Radio (DCR), Main Street/Mountain Top, Letterkenny – 945 MW, 100 FM (and this wasn't the only FM frequency)- Started late 1986 – Wide variety of programmes – One of DCR's strong points was that its programming ran from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. – Main audience in north Donegal. WABC, East Inishowen – 101.7 FM mainly broadcasting to Coleraine, Portstewart, Portrush etc. – Started 1987 - In mid-1988 the station started broadcasting with a strong signal on 101.0(?) to Derry City, taking over one of Radio 4U's two frequencies after it ceased broadcasting – Music station with chart, oldies and a lot of 70's disco music. Radio North, Bridge Street, Carndonagh – 846 MW – Also on FM – When it started in 1986 it was around 98/99 FM but later moved into the 100's FM – Country music – Main audience in Inishowen, north Co. Derry, north Antrim. K.T.O.K. – I think this station was based in Donegal Town – I think it launched in 1987 – Mostly pop – Very clear reception in Letterkenny on FM, can't remember frequency. Radio 4U, Burnfort (Very near Derry City) – Two frequencies – 101.0(?) and another one very near it – Opened around June 1987 and closed about a year later – Mainly broadcasting to Derry City. DCR closed down on 30th December 1988. WABC officially closed at 4.00 p.m. on 31st December 1988 but reopened later that evening as the news came out about the owner of Radio Dublin taking a court case. When it emerged later in the evening that the owner of Radio Dublin was unsuccessful in the case, WABC again closed down that evening. Radio Nova, NWCR and Radio North all closed around midnight on 31st December 1988. During the first few days of 1989, to my knowledge there was no pirate radio station broadcasting from Co. Donegal. Former presenters from Radio Nova, NWCR, DCR, WABC and Radio North are now presenting shows on various licensed stations in the North West and around the north coast. Maybe some of you will find this to be of interest. Please post anything that I have left out, or clarifications of frequencies etc. Edited by - North West Listener on 03/06/01 20:18:36

Patrick J Posted - 31 May 2001 1:15

From memory Russ Padmore was the station manager of NWCR he then left and set up on his own in the diamond Donegal town as KTOK. Brilliant station in it's own right.

optimod Posted - 1 June 2001 8:17

Cool FM's Gene Wilson also worked on KTOK. The WABC of 1987 and the WABC of today are owned by the same person - Paul Bentley. I think that Frankie McLoughlin had something to do with Radio Nova in Fahan but can't remember what!


Patrick J Posted - 1 June 2001 12:52

He was a DJ under my employment

Sean Brady Posted - 3 June 2001 22:19

Is Radio North on 846 kHz at the moment? I can receive a station on this frequency (Oldcastle, Co. Meath), but it's difficult to make out exactly what's being played. The signal on 846 kHz is stronger again in Cavan town and I noted country music programming on one occasion when I listened. I didn't, however, manage to catch an identification at the time.


Mike Posted - 4 June 2001 22:11

I remember KTOK radio During high pressure it could be heard in Ballina Co Mayo where I lived at the time (Cant remember the frequency either) Also a Glencoe R on 1125 MW. WABC used to have a relay on Shortwave and very occasionally Riverside were relayed on SW (possibly from Coleraine) Sean I think Radio North might have changed its name to "Christian R" but I'm open to correction on that one

optimod Posted - 4 June 2001 23:33

Radio North no longer exists. The signal on 846 is a gospel station run by Paul Bentley / Steve Marshall.


| Nostalgia | Airchecks wanted !!

LvD Posted - 15 March 2001 0:29

Hello Folks, Hereby I'm looking for somebody who has some airchecks of the 80's pirates and who's willing to make a copy for me. I'm specially looking for airchecks of: Kiss FM 103.7, Q102, Energy 103 and Sunshine 101 Hot Hits. I have enough to trade or I'm willing to cover the costs. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from somebody soon. All the best, Lex van Dijken


Radio Presenter Posted - 18 March 2001 5:2

Try these: Edited by - Radio Presenter on 18/03/01 05:03:49


LvD Posted - 22 March 2001 16:39

Thanks for the URL !! It's to bad though, that not all the clips were downloadable. So, I still looking for airchecks, who can help me more ?? All the best, Lex van Dijken


Patrick J Posted - 31 May 2001 1:20

I believe i have sound checks from radio nova (Q102's predecessor)who broadcast from Fahan, Co Donegal 1988 including some v/o from Tony Allen you can email me for further details Ps Q102 were never a Pirate radio


Irish Mike Posted - 31 May 2001 15:20

Patrick, I suspect that Lex was referring to Q102 in Dublin in the 80's which WAS a pirate station. I've got a few items you might be interested in Lex, e-mail me and we'll see if we can hook up.

Megawatts Posted - 10 June 2001 7:42

The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum has a great deal of material from the late 70s and 80s. This is in the official archive. Clifford Harkness, is the man. at Cultra, Co Down. Anyone wishing to add any material to this archive is welcome (Hi quality material is archived on open reel).



| Nostalgia | The Irish Superpirates

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north sea day tripper Posted - 8 March 2001 20:35

They could never be surpassed in comparison to the 'pap' around today. The sixties were great, but even here in London the signals from Nova, Sunshine ERI and South (as well as Radio West from Mullingar) came in loud and clear at same stage during the day. Bring back 'real radio' and the likes of Cary and Dale !!!.

Tony Posted - 2 May 2001 21:35

It's always good to look back and think that 'yesterday was much better than today'; to an extent that is true but there are one or two stations around which still sound fresh and exciting. With the net they are instantly and continuously available. Spend a bit of time looking further afield. Once you find something you like you'll feel a whole lot better.

Arnold Posted - 3 May 2001 17:36

While undoubtedly Nova and Sunshine had an impact that can never be repeated in Irish radio they also had the money which no one else, except maybe Pulse, has had since. I'd reckon that Energy, Freedom et al will be remembered with similarly rose tinted specs in 15 years time when all their current listeners have turned into nostalgic 30 somethings reminiscing about when they were young, free and single without a care in the world.

Radio Mad Posted - 3 May 2001 23:16

Unfortunately, ever since the 1989 closures radio has lost the fun and diversity it had previously. I feel sorry for anybody who didn't have the opportunity of growing up during the 70's/80s'and listening to the great radio back then. Rose tinted glasses, I don't think.


Liam Coburn Posted - 16 June 2001 0:34

Just been reading over the posts here, I think ****-tinted glasses has something to do with it but there is also the fact that those of us who were in our teens/early twenties in that era will remember those as the best days of our lives. Every generation remembers that part of their life with the same fondness. However, I'm not sure the current batch of pirates will generate such fond memories. The people on the late 70's/early 80's pirates were very much pioneers and leaders of a rebellion. Those stations weren't there because someone thought there wasn't enough dance or rock or whatever being played. They were there because there was NOTHING else other than RTE. Also, without meaning any disrespect to those on pirate station at the moment, I have yet to hear a presenter on a current pirate who exudes the same style and talent as the team on Nova and Sunshine in the early 80's, the reason being the really talented people are snapped up by the big players. Edited by - Liam Coburn on 16/06/01 00:35:42 Edited by - Liam Coburn on 16/06/01 00:36:44


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Sean Brady Posted - 20 June 2001 14:46 has been revamped.


| Nostalgia | DLR 106 FM


Gogsy B Posted - 28 June 2001 23:32

Hi There Anybody remember a station called DLR 106 (Dun Laoghaire Local Radio) which broadcast on shortwave and FM around 1993. I can't find out much details about it on the web. I'd appreciate any memories or details. Thanks

DeargDoom Posted - 28 June 2001 23:50

DLR 106 is still on the air today as Hits 106. DLR came on the air in Jan/Feb 1991. Initially weekends only using a 4 watt TX, they soon went to 50watts and then 250watts. They also went 7 days a week during the summer of 1991. At the time they were the largest pirate in Dublin - commanding quite an audience, and they had some first rate shows. However, over the last 10 years the radio scene has outgrown DLR/Hits 106. They're now considered a very minor player on the airwaves. I don't think anyone is listening to them anymore. But hey - lets remember them for their groundbreaking broadcasts back in 1991.


Ricky D Posted - 2 July 2001 14:19

I remember that presenters from Jo Maxi went out and visited the station. It looked really impressive. Who were the presenters on it? I know some of the big names who were later on Pulse and now FM104 etc used to present on it.


Forums | Nostalgia | Garrett Scully

gillian Posted - 18 July 2001 18:12

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes. I will miss Garrett so very much. I remember a short time after we met Garrett told me that 'Radio' was his mistress and if he was involved in a station that had a problem on '3 rock' he would be off to fix it "Even if we are making love!". Luckily this never happened! His involvement with Anna Livia FM 103.2 doing the breakfast show was something that he loved and was very dedicated to doing. I was a little surprised to say the least when I went into help with the phones (as any good wife would!), Garrett handed me the weather to read, which I did, then I did the traffic, then he announced to Dublin that 'Nicky' would be doing the breakfast show with him 'Jonathan' for the next 10 weeks. Sadly this time was not to be. Now I am happy and proud to have worked with Garrett in this his fondest hobby. If anyone would like to contact me in connection with either Garrett, Radio, Anna Livia or indeed the old days you can reach me at I have invited anyone involved with Anna Livia to a meeting at the Scholars Pub in Dublin 8 on Thursday 26 July 2001 at 7.30pm you would be most welcome to join us to raise a "Glass" to Garrett and to think of Happy Times! Thank you again Gill Scully AKA 'Nicky'


Stefanie Callister Posted - 22 July 2001 22:48

hi just wanted to express my sadness,, i shared a house with Garrett and Laurence john in Dublin when I first started my career on radio nova, he was a great friend. He always encouraged me to go for greater thing and having spent 11 years at sky news and 1 year at gmtv in London i hope he wasn't disappointed. I'm currently writing my first novel and i'm sure he'll feature in it somewhere, let's raise our glasses to him! we'll miss steffi xx


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1089 Posted - 3 August 2001 22:58

The following appeared on Page 9 of the IrishExaminer 2/Aug/2001 in an article which mentioned 3 past maverick election candidates: John 'The Man' Frawley. The late John 'The Man' Frawley, a psychiatric nurse turned pirate radio operator, stood in a series of national elections in Limerick during the early 1980s. His policies included cheaper pints and soft drinks for all revellers, with the brunt of tax being loaded on to spirits, which he disliked. His theme song was a parody of the folk number Sullivan John which bemoaned: "Frawley John, to the Dail You've Gone". It proved an excellent way of promoting his illegal radio station. He never got more than several hundred votes but he added a lot of colour and fun to proceedings



Politicians board Drogheda 'pirates' amid TV complaints

by Tom Higgins

Sunday Tribune 14 February 1982

While the Taoiseach Dr FitzGerald was using the pirate Drogheda Community Radio soapbox last Wednesday, an estimated 25% of television viewers in the town were being deprived of RTE-1 and ITV due to interference caused by the illegal broadcasters.

The three pirate stations at present operating in Drogheda have been playing havoc with TV reception since before Christmas and angry residents have now threatened not to pay their licence fees unless their reception is restored.

In some estates residents say RTE-1 hasn't been received at all since December 15.

The engineer in charge of reception investigations at RTE Mr Patrick Keys explained: "We found that the trouble is being caused by a VHF transmitter which was being used by Drogheda Community Radio to beam a signal to its medium wave equipment at Ross Naree Hotel, a couple of miles outside the town. In the light of these findings it is now up to the Department of Posts and Telegraphs to take appropriate action."

A spokeswoman for the Department of Posts and Telegraphs said they were aware of the situation in Drogheda and were considering what action, if any to take.

(follow-ups missing)



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Dr Don

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27 Posts Posted - 21/09/2001 : 09:20:07


how many of the old nova crew are currently working in the business.
where is bob gallico, anyone remember a scouser called trevor stevens or trevor james worked on Nova as a way into uk radio - what happened him.
Why Oh why is Jason Maine on overnights, surely he'd be better on daytime radio,

Radio Presenter
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30 Posts Posted - 25/09/2001 : 23:14:47

Bob is at East Coast Radio in Wicklow.
Trevor James is PC at Chiltern FM in Luton, England.

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Michael Masterson
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2 Posts Posted - 09/10/2001 : 03:17:24

Just want to agree with you completely DR Don .

In my opinion Jason Maine has to be one of the best producers on

Irish radio why is he on the overnighter on fm104 .

Is it because he likes to mess sometimes with adult type pranks and

thus not suitable for prime time shows, or is it something personal.

I think he would make a great change to the early morning crew(strawberries) who I feel are not at all funny anymore infact where

they ever funny! ( must be very depressing trying to put on stupit

laughing all day can't be good for you)

Or even a prime time after noon show which i feel

are very boring all across the band . In my opinion he could fit

in any where ....Putting Jason in the light of day could only

improve fm104 or any station which he worked on .

Michael Masterson


coo coo kachoo
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20 Posts Posted - 16/10/2001 : 09:52:48

I always thought jase would sound well on the Lite too.


Radio Presenter
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30 Posts Posted - 20/10/2001 : 13:42:17



I always thought jase would sound well on the Lite too.


Funny you should say that!

Before Lite started, I believe FM104 contracted Jason on a fulltime basis doing overnights. Prior to this he was just doing weekend shifts. Perhaps the 'big boys' pre-empted a move to Glenageary?

I think he would have been ideal for Lite.


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United Kingdom
8 Posts Posted - 16/12/2001 : 22:22:11

Does anyone know what happened to Anoraks UK and the couple who ran it, Barrie & Ruth Johnston?

They had an excellent weekly newsletter in the '80s covering both UK & Irish pirates.

Any ideas where they are now?


Doh Doh Man
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1 Posts Posted - 16/12/2001 : 23:48:25

Sounds interesting enough, who knows more !!??!!

Greg Merriman New Topic Reply to Topic
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46 Posts Posted - 06/11/2001 : 03:11:11

Its almost 2 years since Greg signed off the overnighter on 104. What are your favourite bits from this show? The God/Jesus one was a bit of a comedy classic ;) Any truth in the rumour that he was lined up for mid-mornings if Pulse had got the license?

The Real Stuttering John
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35 Posts Posted - 11/11/2001 : 13:32:24

I heard that rumour about him and pulse fm also.

Radio Mad
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40 Posts Posted - 11/11/2001 : 16:34:13

Wasn't he known as Chris Skeffington back in the 70s on Radio Dublin 253? To the best of my knowledge he was the breakfast presenter for quite a while.


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46 Posts Posted - 13/11/2001 : 01:01:39

Any more thoughts on Greg and his 104 show? It had a huge listenership at one stage.


Dr Don
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27 Posts Posted - 13/11/2001 : 10:28:11

greg was an entertaining jock on the 104 overnights, he at least attempted to stamp his own personality on his shows, at times though he sounded like he was trying to be gerry ryan.

Overall a jock who maybe never got the chance to show us what he could really do although the flip side is he was very 70ish on 104 sort of like Paul Vincent Murphy who did the overnights so well on Sunshine in the 80's

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46 Posts Posted - 24/11/2001 : 16:40:51

Am disappointed that the second anniversary came and went with such little discussion, it a was a great show with a huge cult following.

Then again, the mechanical faults of the site arises once more. Eh Webmaster?

Edited by - pullmyfinger on 24/11/2001 16:45:48


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20 Posts Posted - 24/11/2001 : 18:16:08

Although it broke many of radios 'rules', I loved the openline. It was some of the funniest radio I've ever heard. Notable moments include Barnaby taking the entire crew hostage...loved it!

Is it two years? My jaysus.....are any of the fansites still updated?



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46 Posts Posted - 06/11/2001 : 03:02:58

Who was Jimmy? The guy who used to do phone bits on Ian Dempseys breakfast show on 2FM. Rumour once said it was Simon Young. If it wasn't why couldn't Ian bring him over to Today with him?

Paul G
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3 Posts Posted - 06/11/2001 : 10:20:28

Pretty sure that was Simon!



lights out
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21 Posts Posted - 15/11/2001 : 13:42:44

its common knowledge that it was Simon

Ger Roe played one of Ian’s last 2FM shows a few weeks back feat. Jimmy.

Where is Simon now though!?

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6 Posts Posted - 15/11/2001 : 15:20:45

Simon has retired from radio and is running a poundshop in Co. Carlow!!....ha...get ou' of tha' garden.

Did he not spend some time acting with Gerry Browne/Brendan O Carrolls show, as one of Mrs Browns Boys, including a stint in Scotland, I think, on Tour and can now be regularly heard as the "Da" in the radio ad for The Square.



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46 Posts Posted - 24/11/2001 : 16:29:16

Erm, I take it that Poundshop thing was a joke??

Sorry, I'm naive